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    Made Forza 5 MK Dragon Vinyl !!

    Finally! It took hours!! But it came out much better than the two others had tried, no disrespect, im just laid up post hernia surgery, I had the time... Just search the ingame vinyls for MK5 or mortal kombat by tannergates Its very large (for res purposes) just scale it down and I think youll...
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    Finished My MK Desktop!

    My Desktop Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Intel Core i5-2500k CPU 3.30GHz (factory clock) Geforce 660X Ti 16 Gig Ram Koolance Water Cooler Stardock Objectdock Launcher Games autostart with simple batch file. Dragon png's Custom, mostly, by me. (most of these dragon images don't exist without wording...