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    Konquest mode was great

    I loved the freedom of Konquest mode, and was enthralled by the story of Shunjinko as he travelled the realms gaining new powers and watching him age. I really felt like a great and power master after learning all Shunjinkos combos and unlocking his specials in regular fighting mode. Whenever...
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    Retro New Sub-Zero

    I really think the Sub-Zero designs in MK9 are great but I miss the New Sub-Zero's eye scar. Even if he just had it under the mask. I think it'd be great to see a Retro New Sub-Zero (Sub-Zero from MK3) Costume so we can differentiate the brothers a little.
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    Classic Sound Effects I Miss

    There are alot of the older sound effects that I'd like to see return or recreated in the new MK9. I miss how the emperor would say "EXCELLENT!". I also miss the noises the cyber-ninjas made when they were doing combos. Also in either MK one or two when Raiden did his forward charge it sounded...
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    Shokkan Weapons

    All the Shokkan in the game have the same claw weapons and I wish that they each had their own original type of weapon. The claws cool but I would like to see differen't fighting weapon stances for the shokkan because theres so much potential there. One could have a differen't weapon in each...
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    Goro in MK4

    I thought Goro was totally bad-ass in MK4 but I didn't think it made a lot of sense story wise. I think it would be way cooler to have Shinnok ressurect Goro's brother Durak from the Netherrealm to aid in his assault against Earth Realm. Durak was only referenced in the animated Mortal Kombat...
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    Retro Costumes

    I really hope they release a way for people who didn't pre-order every retro costume to unlock and play as them. I think they're really cool and should be included in a DLC or as an achievement for one of the unline challenges. I really want all the retro costumes/fatalities they're SOOOOOO AWESOME!