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    Ghost Liu Kang has Fatalitys and more!!!

    Ghost Liu Kang is a complete character. He has all of Liu Kangs Fighting styles and weapons. When you win a fight with him it says Liu kang WINS! Ive done Ghost Liu Kangs Hari Kiri and his Fireball fatality. Cant get his 2nd fatality to work, Im guessing you have to perform it a different...
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    MK Shaolin Monks 64 NEW Screenshots..!!!!!!

    GameInformer has updated with some new pics for a whopping total of 64 images of MK: Shaolin Monks. The images, 51 screenshots and 13 pieces of concept artwork, are only available to Game Informer Unlimited members. Pictures of returning favorite characters Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Baraka, Raiden...
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    EGM magazine shows alt. costumes for PUZZLE KOMBAT! pic

    In the November issue of EGM Magazine it shows Sub-Zeros Alt Costume. Here is a pic from that magazine.
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    Puzzle Characters ONLINE unlocked Ashra Onaga Monster Hotaru

    Ive been playing Puzzle Online and picking characters like Onaga, Monster, Ashra and Hotaru. Are they using 3rd party cheats? I was told that 3rd party cheats dont work online. What do you guys think?
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    White Bird in Puzzle Kombat

    What is the piont with the White Bird in Puzzle Kombat? Is there a bottom to make the machine smash it each time it comes across? Everytime I see it I press alot of buttons, and sometimes the machine smashed it and it screams. This might be a way to get a secret?
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    New MK Character BLOODSTORM

    His name is: BLOODSTORM He is full of evil and loves to torture. Covered in Blood. Mortal Kombat needs a BLOOD Freak.
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    Still MK2 Secrets not been found!!

    EGM from about the time MK:DA came out. In it Boon says there is stuff from MK2 nobody has found yet. Wonder what they could be? Play as SMOKE, JADE, NOOB and Bosses?
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    Is there a way to Play MK:Gold on my PC?

    Someone told me there playing MK:Gold on there PC? Is this possible?
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    What is MAME?

    Anyone know what MAME is? How does it work? Can you play Old MKs on it? Can you play "the grid"? NBA JAM TE V1.0? All on your PC? Can we play each other with it?
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    MK Mythologies REPTILE !

    I think a MK Mythologies REPTILE would be killer. Where you fight Giant Turtles, Snakes, and Lizards. Your worlds are spooky forest areas with all kinds of criders. Idea 1... You could start out as NINJA Reptile and each level you evolve into more of a Reptile, just like in the MK series...
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    Can you PLAY as SMOKE, NOOB, JADE, Kahn, and KINTARO in MK2?

    Can you play as Hidden characters and bosses in MK2? I heard you could on the SNES version. Does anyone know how?
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    I thought EVERY MK character was going to be in Konquest????

    There is no sign of earthgod and watergod from MK Mythologies SUB-ZERO? Whats up with that?
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    MK characters forgotten about that need to come back in MK7!

    Post here, Long Lost Characters that need to come back in MK7. Watergod from MK Mytholigies Sub-Zero!!! (if anyone else has different pics of him please list them, I love this guy.
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    Earthgod from MK:M Sub-Zero returning in MK7? VOTE!! pic

    Please VOTE yes or no, Question. Do you think it would be kool to return the MKM Sub-Zero Earthgod boss in a future Arcade game as possibly a SUB-BOSS?
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    Post your MORTAL KOMBAT Halloween COSTUMES here!!

    Please post pics of your halloween costumes.
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    RELEASE DATE for Classic Mortal Kombat for PC thats ONLINE!!

    Does anyone have a release date for this, Id love to play Mortal Kombat Online also is there going to be MK2 or MK4 online as well?
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    POST your Mortal Kombat FATALITIES real or fake, pics or GIF

    Post your MK Fatalities Real ones or Fake ones, pics or motion frames. Even friendships babalitys and stage pits if you like. Also does anyone have a fatality screen saver? Im going to try to make one.