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    MK 2011 The soundtrack article

    Has it already been posted? If so, fell free to delete this topic
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    Kitana's "new" costume?

    I'm watching a picture Kano vs Liu Kang in the Coliseum and I've noticed Kitana's costume is pretty different! Could it be an alternate for her?
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    Question about 1 "possible" character

    Among all of these spoilers I would like to ask. No info about the "red ninja girl"? Was Lupink wrong?
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    Official Kratos in MK Thread (don't make anymore, please)

    It seems this Saturday they'll reveal a new character at the VGA! Check for a little video about this event!
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    Friendhsips in MK 2011

    I can't find the old topic about it, feel free to put this post in the old topic. Ed Boon twitted about friendships in the new MK