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    Memorable Quotes

    That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind - Neil Armstrong I wrote an essay about Neil Armstrong in high school and I got the higest score in the class. He inspires me a lot. I use a little help of all-in-one essay writing service at They have...
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    What do you collect?

    I like taking photos and I collect cool images. I just bought great superhero images on depositphotos. There are royalty-free images, videos, vectors, illustrations, and music. It is probably one of the best stock photos platform. If I need some new images I just discover large thematic...
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    Rate the last Movie you saw.

    Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre - 6½/10 (IMDb has it at 6.3 right now, which is probably about right.) It felt like a cheap Mission Impossible perhaps. Still fun and worth a watch, but not quite the quality you might hope for.
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    I found info about best photoshop alternatives here and decided to give some soft a try. Luminar is my fav photo editing software now. It has so many features and I can use its presets that are designed by professional photographers. So...
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    What are you listening to?

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    Rate the last Movie you saw.

    Fall 6/10 was a decent watch, 2 girls stuck on a high tower
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    this game is awesome! Winning a great game with excellent team coordination and everyone hyping each other up is a transcendent gaming experience that I haven’t found anywhere else.
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    What game are you playing right now?

    There are many cool games but I prefer arcade games
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    What are you listening to?

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    Rate the last Movie you saw.

    Good Luck to You, Leo Grande - 10/10 A story about some old woman getting some BBC action.
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    What are you watching right now?

    Just started watching the latest Simon Reeves travel series. South America. 5 episodes all now on Iplayer. Always a good watch.