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    Lui Kang Dead or Alive ?

    i was just finkin to myself that at the end of mk deception Lui Kang fought with his soul and they formed together and he was alive again but in the mk armageddon picture Lui Kang is dead so what will he be in the game dead or alive ?
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    Mileena vs Kitana

    surely in mka Mileena will face off against Kitana ! i mean its been a rivalry since the two characters came to be in mkII but what will happen? will Mileena finally kill Kitana and take her place as Kitana or will Kitana defeat her clone and go about her business or will they become happy...
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    whats with mileena & baraka

    what is with those two i mean i love baraka but i just dont get him.Mileena and Baraka were in the same army of tarkata and were considered allies but in the endings of deception they kill each other i just dont get it
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    New Characters

    would it be possible that Lucifer of the Netherrealm will be introduced along with Jerrod foremer king of Edenia into mka ?
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    Stryker The Worst ?

    was stryker the worst character edition to the mk series?i think so my self what about u guys ?
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    Why Was Scorpion Absent From MK3

    i was just thinkin to myself that scorpion had been in all the mk series games but wait... he was nowhere to be seen in mk3 i just find it quite strange that one of the most famous and popular characters was not featured in this game
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    what is karma

    hey yall im just new to this site and i dont no wat karma is could someone tell me?thanx
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    Mortal Kombat 0

    mortal kombat before the present tournament and how the characters came to be and maybe show the battle between Kung Lao and Goro that happened 500 years ago 9
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    Mortal Kombat 0

    hear me out i havent thought this through properly but here goes... Mortal kombat before the tournament happened and how the characters came to be involved in the tournament
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    Why Was Shinnok So Easy ?

    am i the only one who thinks Shinnok was the easiest boss ever!!! I mean all the other bosses Shang Tsung ,Shao Kahn, Onaga etc were at least a challenge at first but Shinnok was just like fightin another character
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    I've Done All The Smoke Missions But Still Cant Find MKII

    i've done all the smoke missions but still cant find mkII can somebody plz help!!! thanx
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    Who is Your Favourite Boss/Sub Boss?

    Shang Tsung Kintoro Quan Chi Shao Kahn Onaga The Dragon King Shinnok Goro