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    New Sig

    Well, I just made this new sig by playing around with filters and blending... tell me what you think:

    ashley sig v.2

    So with better renders and a different style I have redone one of my old signatures that I had made recently. Well here it is: feel free to post your thoughts

    ashley sig

    Don't know how long its been since I made a signature, but I have made two today... Little bit rusty, trying to get some skills back. Here are two that I made today: enjoy! rate if you want. Don't really care. edit- decided to throw another one in here.

    Sig: Master Chief WIP

    I can't figure out what to do with this sig. Hopefully you can all understand what I am going for, but something just isn't right. It's pretty bad right now, hopefully you all can give me some ideas on what to do.

    Sig: Shadow

    Here is one of my finished projects. Just thought it came out nice so I posted it. Just 600 more to go. Rate if you wish.

    Sig Contest Number 2: Women Sigs Winners announced!

    I know this is a bad topic, but hey you can get real creative with this one.... Same rules as before no stealing, no pornographic material (breasts). PLEASE MORE PEOPLE ENTER. You all have untill next wednesday to submit your posts. PM them to me. Good luck to everyone and have fun! Edit-...

    Sig: Kate Beckinsale

    Just made this sig. I saved it a little under maximum quality so I could use it as my current sig. Rate if you choose:

    Sig Contest Number 1: Super Heroes, winners posted on page 3

    The sigs are now posted. Here they are: Kona: Prince Troll: K1LL KANO: KORE: Ghost: Congrats to everyone who entered, and good luck! Post your votes in this thread, voting will end on Friday.

    Sig: Movie

    First ever movie sig. I realize its not perfect, but then again it is my first movie sig. Rate if you choose:
  10. JSOOGZ

    Sig: LOZ

    Legend of Zelda sig I just put together. Rate if you desire too. only thing I realy have a problem with is the soogie text...
  11. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Carnage

    New sig. Rate if you choose.
  12. JSOOGZ

    SIG: Skullkid v.2 NO LIGHTNING

    This is my sig with a rain and lightning effect. Just trying it out for the first time. I know that the ligtning is a little fast, but like I said this is my first try at this type of animations, anyways enjoy: version 2. No lighting. Looks so much better.
  13. JSOOGZ


    well this sig may not look like much but it took about 45 minets to make. I can give you the psd, if you don't believe me but it took alot of time and patience. Rate if you wish.
  14. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Mileena free bee

    Yeah I made a sig for anyone to use. Just make sure you give me credit for making it. Enjoy!
  15. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Shadow Radial Blur

    New style I just picked up. Rate if you wish:
  16. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Rikku Pixel Stretch

    Trying a new style. Rate if you wish.
  17. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Perfect Dark

    This is just a very non complex signature. I like its overall feel. As I said its just simple nothing too fancy:
  18. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Shadow

    I tried to make Shadow "pop" out a little bit. Rate if you wish. You can also click on it if you wish as well.
  19. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Yuna

    I thought it came out very well. Rate if you wish. edit- you can't see the boarder very well but its clear.
  20. JSOOGZ

    Sig: Deathscythe

    Whoo, a new sig by yours truly. Enjoy.