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    NEW MK Koming 2013 !!!????

    Hmmmmm, interesting ...
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    Quality Assurance Control Idea

    Over the last few years I have seen several games released for both PS3 and 360 that have serious problems that almost make the game unplayable. One of these titles is Fallout: New Vegas for example. I just got an email with what looked like a good deal on this game but when I went in and read...
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    Has anyone defeated any of the hidden characters ?

    I fought Noob a couple of times but he was crazy hard and I lost. Anyone actually managed to defeat or even get close to defeating a hidden character? Seem like something special would happen if you win. Hmmmmmm........
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    What Needs To Be Fixed In The First Title Update/Patch ?

    The game is great but there are a few issues I would like to see addressed in the first patch when it comes out. My only issues with the game so far: Unlocked finishing moves not unlocking in menu on player 2 controller side (PS3) Low volume audio issue (char select screen, main menu...
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    Bosses Do Fatalities

    I'm I the only one that didn't know this? lol Both Shao Kahn and Kintaro did fatalities on me when I lost a match against them. WOW :shock:
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    Finishing Moves Not Unlocking in Menu For PS3 Player 2 Controller ???

    I seem to be having trouble getting the fatalities to unlock in the menu on my player 2 controller. I have most every finishing move unlocked on the player 1 controller (that I use most of the time) but my player 2 controller wont unlock the finishing moves and display them in the menu even...
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    Mortal Kombat Impressions Thread

    It's officially here! I can't get mine till tomorrow but I know alot of you have it already and I'm dying to hear your first impressions :twisted: Well? Was it worth the wait? :rock:
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    Online Match Fatalities

    Was just watching some vids of the game and I was thinking how annoying it would be if after you loose online matches you have to sit there and wait for the other person to look up the fatality on the game menu before doing I mean I hope they don't have it set up like that so the...
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    Other games implementing finishing moves ?

    Let's face it, the finishing moves/fatality's in MK are a huge part of the game and for alot of fans it is what keeps them coming back for more! There were a few games in the past that had finishing moves like Wargods and Killer Instinct. Those games are basically dead though. You think other...
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    What kind of TV you going to be playing MK on ?

    I have a 52'' Panasonic viera plasma ....demo looks great on it, should do the final build justice ... :twisted:
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    How much you willing to spend to get the game early ?

    At approx. 3 weeks from release, how much would you be willing to spend on the game to have it now ? I would go as high as $80 ? lol
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    Secret Stuff ???

    In several interviews Ed Boon has mentioned secret stuff in this game. It seems that the team put alot of effort into hiding stuff. What kind of stuff you think he is referring to? Hidden fights where you fight non-playable characters kinda like reptile in MK 1 ? Hidden stages? What kind of...
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    Hara-Kiri !?!?!?

    Anyone heard anything about these suicide finishing moves being in the new game? Anyone like the idea? If defeated in battle would you want to die by your own hand instead of someone else's? LOL
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    Violence brings Violence ?

    Australia has banned the game because it's to violent right ? The full game hasn't been released yet, but judging from the demo and the other footage available, does Australia have a point in banning it from their country? Do these type of games/images encourage violence in society? Opinions?
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    Character Stats Screen ?

    Anyone heard about the game having like a stats screen? An area that might show the characters win/ratio percentage and other accumulated stats. I think it would be cool to have one?
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    Silhouette Moon Fly-By ?!

    OK so earlier I was playing the demo and was fighting with scorpion vs sub and in the middle of the fight I swear I could have sworn I saw like a silhouette of the shadow of one of the characters slowly pass like in front of the moon. I was like really got my attention, but I dunno it...
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    Should Mortal Kombat Include 1 Button Fatalities ?

    I think it was only MK Trilogy that had the option for this little cheat and I thought it was a cool. Once this option was enabled you would simply stand at the correct spot and press 1 button to perform various finishing moves at the end of fights as I'm sure most of you already know. I don't...