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  1. danduffy

    Boons face in story mode ending

    Was watching the ending of mk9 and noticed boons face in the sky, anyone else noticed it?
  2. danduffy

    How do people get the game so early ?

    with all the recently released links, how do they get the game so early ?
  3. danduffy

    Is this the big bad ?

    watch at 30 secs
  4. danduffy

    still no stage fatalities confirmed yet ??

    How long do you think we will have 2 wait b4 we seem them ?
  5. danduffy

    Is this Liu Kang ?

    I'm gonna go out and say i think it is, I mean who else could it be ??
  6. danduffy

    quan chi vs kotal kahn interaction ??

    does anyone have any video links of there interaction ?
  7. danduffy

    Quan Chi's 1st interaction

    Has this been officially scraped ? i really hope not.
  8. danduffy

    The new 'Ality'

    What do you think it could be ? x-ray fatality would be awesome
  9. danduffy

    teenage mutant ninja turtles using reptiles theme >???

    im pretty sure the music used in this trailer is reptiles mk9 theme trailer reptile mk9 theme
  10. danduffy

    kahn or khan ?

    in the new raiden trailer his name has been changed to khan
  11. danduffy

    recommended mugen mk games

    im currently playing mk chaotic which i am really enjoying, can anyone recommend any other decent mugen mk games ?
  12. danduffy

    John Tobias and mk

    does john tobias still receive any cash from future mk projects as he was the co creator of the game ? also what is john up to these days ? do you think he will ever come back to mk again ?
  13. danduffy

    revenge of shinobi beta

    play through
  14. danduffy

    Ferra Torr backstory?

    he shows just one eye
  15. danduffy

    D'Vorah General Discussion

    She is related to goldust
  16. danduffy

    Cassie's X-Ray

    did anyone at e3 get too see cassies x-ray ? I've been told its really brutal and similar to johnnys x-ray, also when she punches the nuts they explode.
  17. danduffy

    Steve Beran Interview

    Credit to Tmk for posting the link on his site
  18. danduffy

    what does D’Vorah say to ferra/tora

    at the 14 sec mark
  19. danduffy

    scorpions mk x fatality

    is there any leaked footage of the face slice fatality ?