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  1. white_ninja

    New Mortal Kombat Movie!

    This movie exceeded my expectations. The trailer looks lit, I like the costume design and the fact they respect the lore. Cole Young is going to be Kuai Liang, I am calling it. I don’t understand why Ed Boon doesn’t say anything on this movie mostly ignoring it. The movie needs the PR and also...
  2. white_ninja

    New Mortal Kombat Movie!

    Re: New Mortal Kombat Movie! (Fake?) Could imagine him as a younger version of Jax. The roles of Liu Kang and Kung Lao seem to be the most important though. And I'd really love to see Rain from Ninja Assassin as Liu and Iku Uwais as Kung Lao. Iku does even resemble Paolo Montablan from MK...
  3. white_ninja

    MK Song Russian Style

    The russian movie and comedy channel TNT aired a TV spot for the Mortal Kombat 1995 movie. The song is performed by Buranovskie Babushki, a folklore band, that participated in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 for Russia (second place). They are kind of adorable but this is both funny and WTF. Did...
  4. white_ninja

    MKXL Trophies/Achievements?

    Sorry if this was already asked but will MKXL have new trophies? I sold my MKX copy but right now I am thinking about a MKXL copy because I still want to play MKX. Because I nearly reached Platin, I'd like to continue them. But what if MKXL is all new and one has to start from the beginning...
  5. white_ninja

    Do minor spoilers ruin MKX?

    Do you think it's ok to know about everything being leaked or revealed? What is your personal deadline? I think knowing too much can ruin the game. This is also the reason why I usually don't want to see more than one movie trailer. For me it's okay to know the characters being revealed but...
  6. white_ninja

    Reptile revealed!

    Ok, tbh, I had better expectations because of the great designs in MKX so far. I agree that Reptile is not really different from the MK9 version. First of all gameplay-wise. I would like Reptile's green to be on his clothes rather than being his skin color. His skin could be pale and greenish...
  7. white_ninja

    For those complaining about this game being a re-hash

    It would be fine with me if Reptile was the last character from MK9 to be revealed. He needs to be in MKX and I also prefer his human form. I actually can't imagine that they would left him out. The DA model was horrible IMO. I want him to look like this: I want Reptile because he is perfect...
  8. white_ninja

    [SPOILER] Sub-Zero's identity in MKX confirmed!

    Re: [SPOILER, RUMOR] Sub-Zero's identity in MKX is... Did anybody notice Sub-Zero's stance after winning one round? It looks like a Samurai shape: Or Shao Kahn? I hope not. Don't believe in this theory.
  9. white_ninja

    Decisions made by MK Team you hate

    I never want to see a crossover MK game again. MK vs DC was enough. I understand that they had to develop the ninjas by giving them individual costumes but starting with MKDA they are just too different. Imagine how such a design would look like with nextgen graphics. I also loved...
  10. white_ninja

    Decisions made by MK Team you hate

    Don't get me wrong, guys, I love Mortal Kombat, I played every game. It's the best fighting game franchise ever. Eventually, because of knowing the franchise so well, there are some things which could have been better. My flaws with the MK team are these: - Reptile's devolution into a big...
  11. white_ninja

    Human Reptile for the win!

    Hell, how can people like Reptile's MKDA design?? This was the worst thing which happened to this character! When MK4 came out I hated Reptile's look, but compared to DA it wasn't even bad. There is a MK9 mod with his MK4 costume: I really love this...
  12. white_ninja

    Classic Sub-Zero Fatality

    So we all know that Classic Sub-Zero's Fatality is censored. I have some questions: 1. Why did they do that back in 1995? Was it more brutal than the other fatalities? 2. Why did they do that in the new arcade kollection? nowadays people saw everything 3. Does an uncensored version excist...
  13. white_ninja

    Help! MKAK (PS3) doesn't run

    So I am from Germany and as you know the whole MK stuff was left out from the German PS Store. So I ordered an Austrian card and purchased MKAK from Austrian store. I payed 9 euros and the download began. I was so excited to run the game but at starting the whole screen gets dark and the game...
  14. white_ninja

    Help against Kano!

    I can't win against dat **tch! It doesn't matter if the player is skilled or not. He spams me with knives and up balls and I can't get close to him. I win against good players with my Sub-Zero but Kano is a nightmare... I hate him and Raiden online.
  15. white_ninja

    I have a problem with compatibility packs. please help!

    So I live in Germany and use a PS3 system. I have a German PSN account which I use online too. As you know Mortal Kombat 2011 isn't supported in German PS Store. There are no M-rated games at all. That's why I created an US Account. I download there all the stuff which isn't available in German...
  16. white_ninja

    "10 wins in a row" trophy glitch

    I've seen that there are 10 wins in a row in my ranked match statistics. But there is no trophy?! I don't understand this bug. I've won the first 10 ranked matches but there was one opponent who left at "finish him". I think it was the 8th opponent. Maybe this is the reason? I've lost the 11th...
  17. white_ninja

    I wished it would be Cyber Smoke instead of Cyber Sub-Zero

    Anyone else? I think CSZ is a cool addition but I don't like the fact that they made it canon. It would have been much better if they have sticked to the original storyline with Smoke being captured after the events of MK2. We could have a human Smoke character and a Cyber Smoke to unlock by...