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  1. KORE

    Shao Kahn(Normal Singles Tourney):Victory Wrecker

    This guy is killin' me man, and I don't mean in the literal sense. What's the deal with this? It's like the developers said to themselves "Lets make it so if the player can't put Kahn away in the first couple matches they'll wish they never finished the job." This is what it seems like to me...
  2. KORE

    1st SIG in years: Scorpion Evolution

    I finished this before I went to sleep last night... Not my most inspired work, but I haven't made a Sig in a long time so this one is automatically better than a lot of my old ones. Despite the fact that I actually lost interest in the project halfway through, I pressed on until I at least had...
  3. KORE

    Sprite: Custom Cyber Sub-Zero; the return of KORE

    Yes, it's the 3rd coming of KORE. If it weren't for MKvsDC I might have stuck around for the last 3 years, but I'm sorry, that game should never have happened. Thanks to the MK9 reboot to greatness (imo) I actually care about making some art again. So anyway, here's my custom Cyber Sub-Zero...
  4. KORE

    "Venom's Warpath" (fake)

    Fatality I did a fake for Venom a while back that involved mostly background editing and sprite work. However it was fighting game styled and Venom and his opponent stood in beginning stance with no action. It didn't receive much praise due to that fact. I had hoped the bg and sprite editing on...
  5. KORE

    A new race (more star wars)

    [Image removed by me.] Today I present Zragus Narl, Lord Venom's right hand man. Zragus Narl is a member of the lower crust variety of the race known as the Syregi. Syregi dwell on their home planet of Syrrasus in the extremities of the outer rim. The planet Syrrasus which is a volcanic sunless...
  6. KORE

    Darth Venom Re-do (this one i feel is much better)

    [Image removed by me.] anyone who remembers the story from the other thread forget it. i'm rewriting the story of venom, but i probly wont post it here, it'll be long as hell. anyway some people felt the last one looked too animal/neanderthal-ish or like an unintelligent being, and i now...
  7. KORE

    (sprite)MKSM Subs

    since i did inferno scorpion from mksm so many times, and reptile from mksm twice... here's MKII Sub-Zero from shaolin monks.
  8. KORE

    Darth Venom...III(Art/Fiction)

    [Image removed by me.]
  9. KORE

    Burn M$#@F%!$er (a fake)

    I just wanted to do this, since I know just sprites are boring on their own sometimes. This has a lil' more going on. Plus I thought it'd look cool what with the two of them being nearly the same size, and I found the perfect photo of a fireball from some real life fire breathing carnie. I know...
  10. KORE


    An Edenian spy turned traitor and recruited by the Brotherhood of Shadow. Shade's powers of darkness were acquired with the aid of Noob Saibot who performed an unholy ritual which channeled a portion of his own fighter's essence into her. Shade became Noob's trusted aid and assassin. Her first...
  11. KORE

    the Guardian

    this was my KAF in MK:A. his background was he is a zaterran (or however they spell that) raised on earth and was trained/raised by the white lotus monks. he learned to treasure life and respect all living things. most importantly he gained the strength and skills to face the next big diabolical...
  12. KORE

    Feel the darkness!!

    ahhh. this feels more like home. this simple thread is my homage to this new and most appropriate environment. i post my praise openly for this new and hopefully (at least) semi-permananent dark enclave bestowed upon us by the powers that be. I, Lord Venom prepare... a special gift awaits...
  13. KORE

    art: Sub-Zero

    well... here it is finally..
  14. KORE

    Update [drawing]

    being as this forum's threads move much slower now than they did in what i would call TRMK's prime... i don't feel too bad wasting a thread without posting art under this category. this is just an update i've been working a lot and distracted by an abundance of other things so it's taken me...
  15. KORE

    this is not the art piece you've been waiting for

    i still havent started my drawing, but i did this tonight for my favorite season coming up. but since i already hosted it to show a friend from Star wars galaxies i might as well post it early. i know its nowhere near halloween yet but screw it. this was gonna be my avatar but it exceed's file...
  16. KORE

    i GARANTEE you will love this!! watch this video it's the sickest thing i've ever seen. super fast crazy battle between shang t'sung and shao khan, fallowed by a fatality demonstration full of all the old fatalities plus multiple crazy fatalities i've never seen...
  17. KORE

    the she-hulk

    for those that may find the she-hulk an odd subject choice, know this: this isn't the first and definately won't be the last Marvel drawing i do, but i'm not gonna go back and start uploading stuff i drew way before i returned to this forum obviously lol. you probably won't see many of these...
  18. KORE

    a long time ago...

    this is more what i had intended when i started making that last fake... the tusken one. and for those who might be sick of this stuff thinking "WTF MAN? this is an MK forum" well yeah... i know. this'll be the last star wars junk for a while. and i still gotta start something for that lil' mk...
  19. KORE

    sub-par waste of a few hours

    this came about in a very round about fashion... thus when i finished it and was less than satisfied at least i wasn't surprised... it's like when a writer starts out with an idea for a story, and as he goes about writing it the thing just gets more and more twisted away from the original...
  20. KORE

    need renders or screenies for possible project

    here's the deal: yall seen that art contest thread up in here. i've narrowed down my entry to one of two possible subjects. to that end i need any render or screenie you can find of, or having, A FULL HEAD TO TOE of CHAMELEON from MK:A. for some reason i'm coming up with nothing in my search...