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    Random Select

    Does random select sometimes pick Kratos, you know who, and in the future DLC characters? I have yet to see it pick anyone from that box but because it is RANDOM, I could just of had bad luck. Anyone seen it select those characters?
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    BABY KOMBAT!! (Practically All Babalities)

    All babalities except for Mileena Flesh Pit costume and all the Klassic outfits outside of Scorpion... and the bosses if that's even possible. Enjoy!
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    PSN Online Games!

    Hey guys! So Telgip (My cousin) and I decided to go online our first time and see how the 2v2s would run. Here is the footage! Over all it was a great experience. I think the game is so new that the servers are just getting hammered by players that it's creating ALL THIS LAG! So I'm...
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    All of Story Mode

    I have compiled videos of all the cut scenes of the game's story mode. It also ends showing the final battle, so people can see what I did to win if they are having trouble with it. Enjoy!
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    I turned on my demo and this happened! Also pause it at 0:01.
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    The Use of Nut Punch?

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster! I've been using the demo to really practice as much as I can out of it. Trying to get all my combos solid (or at least as solid as I can, knowing there are changes) before release. I'm down to Johnny Cage now and I had thought of him to play like...