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  1. TheDentedOne

    Mortal Kombat 9 not on any XBone backwards compatibility list????

    Has anyone noticed that this game isn't even on any of the rumored game lists? I would think this would be in the top 50 at least that gets released on the day the backwards compatibility becomes available. I looked at a list of supporters for the backwards compatibility and WB was on it. I...
  2. TheDentedOne

    Changing fight stick from D pad to left stick??

    I was wondering if there was any way to change the stick on the fight stick from D pad to left stick? Just wondering cause I've downloaded a couple games where the movement is only used with the left stick and D pad will not move. Just wondering if this was a possible change
  3. TheDentedOne

    Custom MK 2011 Inspired Arcade Cabinet

    Hey all, Ever since I heard about the fight stick I knew I wanted to do something cool with it besides play it on my lap. I have never made something like this before but thought what the hell and went for it anyway. I ran the thought by the wife and this is kinda how it went. Me: I think...
  4. TheDentedOne

    Got My PDP TE MK Fight Stick Today

    Got home today and at my door was the TE fight stick I ordered from PDP last week. I really didnt expect it till next week. Its just the stick. No game. I will get my other TE from Gamestop on Monday night but until I get the game I'll test this baby out on MK1 and UMK3 for a couple days...
  5. TheDentedOne

    Looking For Subby Spine Rip Shadow Fatality Image

    Ive searched the forum and even a few searches on google, but came up empty. Ive seen it used at the top of the page before. If anyone knows where to find it please let me know. It does not have to be a wallpaper. Thanks!
  6. TheDentedOne

    TE Fight Stick Dimensions??

    Just wondering if anyone has an idea of what the dimensions of the box on the fight stick are? Just looking for a close approximation. I am building something and just wanted to get a close idea so I can finish planning it out.
  7. TheDentedOne

    Shang Tsung in Scorpion vid.

    Found this pic on anther site and thought it was cool because it shows what I think is Shang Tsung sitting in his chair. Nice to see but I think he looks very cool.