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    Mk 2&3 stategy & combo thread

    MK3 cyrax43% 3 hit: First do a long grenade quickly followed by a short one if the the first one hits they will fly in the air and hit the second then follow with an uppercut and yor done. MK2 sub-zeroEasy wins : First do a ground freeze then jump kick. repeat over and over till you win...
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    My fake site

    Hey all i would just like to inform you that i made a fake site. it will update alot so come often
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    I know what the shiru ryou messAGE is for

    If you go to the place in earth realm where all the people say stuff like may the thunder god bless you. 1. punch the young man. 2 talk to girl worshipper 3she willl say please join us 4 you will then vs scorpion as sub-zero in a best out of 3 but you only start with 1/3 of your health 5If you...
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    su clues

    1 .At the dark prison which is shang tsungs prison i saw some people he would never imprison 1 Shao Kahn 2 Quan Chi 3 Shang Tsung 4 mk2 Reptile this means that the dark pison could have something to do with the su's 2. Has anyone noticed the red thing with the flying rocks in caos realm...
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    UGLIEST kombatant

    This is where you post the 3 ugliest looking charecters you have seen in a mk game these are mine.3.subzero mkd 2reptile mkda 1reptile mk4