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  1. MK9Scorpion2011

    Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Top#3 PSN and Xbox Live

    Hey guys this thread is used for us to describe what we think about the MKAK being #3 top downloaded on the PSN and Xbox Live since January 2012 we can also describe the improvements since the last MKAK patch was downloaded and how it fixed lagg issues, made colors more rich clean and crisp...
  2. MK9Scorpion2011

    Mortal Kombat 9 Chatrooms completely Empty for PS3

    Hey guys i know this is not a major thread but does anyone know why the PS3 chatrooms for MK9 are completely empty within the last couple days?
  3. MK9Scorpion2011

    Fighting Hidden Character Jade in MK9

    Hey guys i know this has already been posted a long time ago but does anyone know how to fight the hidden character Jade in MK9 I already beat Shang Tsung twice got a fawless victory twice both rounds and performed a fatality and it didnt take me to Jade I tried going through the tower again...
  4. MK9Scorpion2011

    Star Wars Episode 0: The Beginning

    Hey guys i know this is way off topic to this thread but i just wanted to get this off my head in regards to all the Star Wars films from 1-6. We know according to George Lucus there wont be another Star Wars film because that was already said before way back in 2005 after Episode 3 came out...
  5. MK9Scorpion2011

    MK9 Game Issues and Glitches

    Hey guys I know that this thread has been posted 1000 times but lately i have been having issues with my MK9 game on the PS3...not too long ago did I notice that when I played MK9 online that sometimes the characters taunts would not be shown or herd, for example when I would win one round with...
  6. MK9Scorpion2011

    No More DLC for MK9?

    So do you guys think NRS wont be releasing anymore DLC rather if its Characters, Costumes etc for MK9 or do you guys think that Maybe they are being tight lipped about it? I hope we see more content for MK9 or even an UMK9 for 2012 for MK 20 Aniversary how can Ed Boon say that DLC was Huge in...
  7. MK9Scorpion2011

    Top MK9 Spammers for PS3 and Xbox 360

    Hey guys I wanted to make a thread to find out the lists for the top 20 MK9 Spammers forXbox 360 and PS3 if you have a list of ScreenNames please post lists but seperate Xbox 360 list from PS3 top 20 for each console
  8. MK9Scorpion2011

    Should MK4 have been included along with MK:AK?

    hey guys should MK4 been included with this MKAK personally I said yes not very many people were fans of MK4 I think it was one of the best games along with 1 2 and 3 and of course UMK3...but since MK4 was a classic Arcade release, I think it should have also been included with this Arcade...
  9. MK9Scorpion2011

    NRS Team Spying on our TRMK Fan Posts?

    I know this is a stupid subject..but do you guys think that Ed Boon and the rest of the MK team know about TRMK to spy and read our comments from all us fans to come up with better ideas for Present and Future MK Games? Just curious
  10. MK9Scorpion2011

    NRS Please Make an Ultimate MK9

    Well first off midway not capcom was the first to come out with an Ultimate fighting game in 1996 called UMK3 so for those mocking about NRS not bringing out an UMK9 should shut there mouths because NRS can always decide to bring one out since it is already a big hit over 3 million copies sold...
  11. MK9Scorpion2011

    cyrax and Sektor Classic Outfits

    Guys were the classic outfits for Cyrax and Sektor suppose to come out yesterday as well along with the Scarlett DLC character..I downloaded the character but i dont see the outfits for cyrax and Sektor..please help
  12. MK9Scorpion2011

    Scarlett and future DLC characters $5 each

    This is really rediculous
  13. MK9Scorpion2011

    Kratos/Cyber Subzero Alternate Costumes

    Hey guys does anyone know how to unlock Cyber Subzero and Kratos Alternate costume? Theres been several people ive played online that have a weird looking Kratos with odd colors and im wondering if thats his 2nd costume?
  14. MK9Scorpion2011

    Online Rank issues/Tag scores

    Hey guys i know this is not a spoiler of any sort but I have MK9 on My PS3 this may apply to Xbox users as well not sure...but ive played at least 20 matches online but it doesnt record my records..sometimes it will record them the following day other times it wont record them on my User Status...
  15. MK9Scorpion2011

    Babalities online

    Does anyone know how to perform a babality online?...ive already unlocked all the babalities but i cant seem to perform one on my opponet when fighting online? :( do many of you have the same issues please let me know because so far since i was able to go back on the PSN I havnt seen anyone...
  16. MK9Scorpion2011

    Mortal Kombat Classic DLC Skins "Spoilers"

    I wish NRS would already show us on how to unlock the Classic Skins for Smoke, Noob, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Ermac, Reptile, Meelina, Kitana, and Jade =/ its just taking too long "Spoiler" If you look at the Mortal Kombat Wiki you will see there is a Rain, Scorpion, SubZero, Human Smoke, Sub-Zero...