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  1. DiegoTKD

    Is there a punishment for rage quitters??

    there been already after a day of playing several rage quitters on my hand... i just wanted to know if theres a punishment for it...
  2. DiegoTKD

    Sonya actress instead of Jeri Ryan for Mk legacy and rebirth

    Do you not think that they should have gotten her to do Sonya in the new mk filmography?? Dont get me wrong Jeri is was a very beautiful woman, but now she too old... and sonya is fit, young, and damn sexy!!!
  3. DiegoTKD

    Mk Online Titles

    for those who r lucky to have gotten the game b4 the psn outage or xbox users... does mk9 have on titles kinda like in street fighter 4?
  4. DiegoTKD

    Sonya gameplay tips thread

    anyone training Sonya Blade out there, could give me some pointers and tips on how to master(not that master stats thingy, master her) or just combos ideas... the only combo i can think of for sonya is j.f = jump foward f = foward b= back d = down 1 = Square 2 = Triangle 3 = X 4 = O j.f 1...
  5. DiegoTKD

    custumes at the krypit?

    any one knows where they r or r they random?
  6. DiegoTKD

    MK9 Demo difficulty

    In my opinion the expert difficulty on the demo is way way too easy... im not sure if just in the demo or not, but if it isnt they should really crank up the difficulty level! do you not agree people?
  7. DiegoTKD

    Combo damage scaling in MK9

    Do you think that there should be a combo damage scale system kinda like in ssf4? 100% damage for first and second hits of a combo. 80% damage for third hit. 70% damage for fourth hit. 60% damage for fifth hit. 50% damage for sixth hit. 40% damage for seventh hit. 30% damage for eighth hit. 20%...