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  1. Voncroy

    Mortal Kombat 9 Popularity Poll: which are your favourite characters in this game?

    1. Baraka 2. Cyrax 3. Ermac 4. Freddy Krueger 5. Goro 6. Jade 7. Jax 8. Johnny Cage 9. Kabal 10. Kano 11. Kenshi 12. Kintaro 13. Kitana 14. Kratos 15. Kung Lao 16. Liu Kang 17. Mileena 18. Nightwolf 19. Noob Saibot 20. Quan Chi 21. Raiden 22. Rain 23. Reptile 24. Scorpion 25. Sektor 26. Shang...
  2. Voncroy

    Why isn't Rain included in the official Leaderboards' favourite character list? LOL I see they started (again) the list and I can see DLC character surpassing Sheeva's position, however, why did NRS exclude Rain from there?
  3. Voncroy

    Shouldn't Cyber Sub-Zero have been called Thundra?

    Sub-Zero was Bi-Han and Kuan Liang was Thundra who took his brother's name to search for his killer. Since Bi-Han became Noob Saibot and Kuan Liang became a cyborg, Sub-Zero became an entity of his own - Boon even talked about it while ago. If Cyber Sub-Zero is treated as a separate character...
  4. Voncroy

    Is there anything else in the game to be fixed in the patch?

    Hi guys, after noticing the lack of winning pose of Kano's alternate costume, I wonder if there's other similar situations for other characters. Some characters will eventually get nerfed, but is there other minor glitches to be fixed in this game? Kano's alternate custom winning pose NEEDS to...
  5. Voncroy

    Uptade error: Kano's winning pose no more?

    Uptade error: Kano's alternate outfit winning pose no more? Hey guys, when I bought MK, Kano had his normal winning pose, but now it just disappeared. He no longer does his winning pose. Could it be because of the last update? Could you check yours please? :(