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  1. RonnyRAGE

    Will Quan Chi be a Boss?

    I think that he will fill the role that Shang Tsung had in MK9 With a Sub Boss then Shinnok as the Primary Boss Where do you place the Sorcerer on the Arcade Ladder? I also believe that there will be a Secret Boss Evil Liu Kang
  2. RonnyRAGE

    40 Minutes of game play from BGS Game Play starts at 2:20 Not my video I found it on Youtube. I've only watched 22 minutes of it before I had to go back to work. Enjoy! UPDATE: Now that I finally got to watch the entire video. Things I noticed that weren't so clear in other...
  3. RonnyRAGE

    Quan Chi's Full FATALITY!!!!
  4. RonnyRAGE

    NEW IGN Ed Boon Inerview (Spoiler) Spoiler is in the title if you clicked no ing. Rain is pretty much decomfirmed Lots of story details NEW allity is not NEW
  5. RonnyRAGE

    KANO confirmed by German Gamepro

    It also confirms a NEW Jungle Arena!!!! you can buy the magazine for 3 Euros or $6 I didn't want him but he looks pretty Badass To the negative Nancy Trash Man. Follow this guy on Twitter Westkoastkilla
  6. RonnyRAGE

    Fighter with the best 2 Fatalities

    I just watch a compilation video of all Fatalities on Kratos and I have to say that Kung Lao(not my favorite fighter) has the best 2 Fatalities others have a great Fatality but fall short on the second or third Overall best is NOOB's make a wish IMO Shao Kahns rip a very close second What is...
  7. RonnyRAGE

    DLC Finishing Move Poll

    What Finishers would you like to be added to the game? I had Brutalities on there but they must have got deleted. Mods can you edit poll?
  8. RonnyRAGE

    Where are the Fighter Vignettes?

    Where the hell are they Ed and Hector both said that they were in the game. but they both did brag about the new improved Bell Tower Stage Fatality as well. 2 questions 1. Has anyone herd anything maybe part of a patch or FREE DLC 2. Anyone know what was on the 40MB Patch besides correcting 2...
  9. RonnyRAGE

    How many Stage Fatalities?

    Has anyone who has the game went to the Arena Select and seen what Arenas have a Stage Fatality?
  10. RonnyRAGE

    MK9 Available Early (video) Real or Prank?

    Mods can I post it? If so I will add some +REP points is all I ask Enjoy
  11. RonnyRAGE

    New video of Demo(Spoiler)

    Video also confirms Spoiler Kintaro If been posted sorry
  12. RonnyRAGE

    What past game has the Best Arenas ever POLL

    Post your all time favorite Mortal Kombat Arena from a past game. To fight on: Falling Cliffs(MK:D) Best Looking: Meteor Storm(MK:A)
  13. RonnyRAGE

    Poll for DLC ((Spoiler))

    Since the roster has been leaked Who do you want? Some of your favorites may not have made it. Also since Ed gave us a list of 5 pick 5
  14. RonnyRAGE

    Great news for XBOX owners ((Giantbomb Interveiw)) Game Trailers character reveal maybe? plenty of time left to build up the hype of ??????
  15. RonnyRAGE

    More than one way to die on some stages!!!!

    RT @RonnyRAGE6669 @noobde @toad1206 Stage Fatalities look amazing. will any Arena's have 2? Noobde: Oh MAN, just WAIT. Just WAIT!! This game just keeps getting better. What Arena's do you guys think will have more than one?
  16. RonnyRAGE

    Awesome Demo end video
  17. RonnyRAGE

    New Boon interveiw on IGN Nothing new revealed
  18. RonnyRAGE

    Post your dream Mortal Kombat

    My Dream Mortal Kombat 2 new or combined Fatalities 1 Classic Fatality 1 Hari Kari 1 Friendship 1 Brutality (ends with a X-Ray move) 1 Animalities Tons of Arenas( MK:T had 32) Night and day versions of ST Garden, The Desert, The Street and the Rooftop. Stage Fatalities some Arenas should...
  19. RonnyRAGE

    Post UMK3 Arenas you want as DLC

    What post UMK3 Arena would you most like to see added to Mortal Kombat 2011 There were so many other that could have taken the next spot. Like the Lost Tomb, Lumber Mill, Meteor Storm, Falling Cliffs, Acid Bath, Ying Yang, Pyramid of Argus, Wu Shu Academy, Lava Shrine ect. I didn't put Shang...
  20. RonnyRAGE

    Link to where it says ???

    Can someone give me a link to where it confirms that the Xbox 360 is for sure getting a guest character. Thank You in advance you might win me a bet.