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    INFIRMITY: My Death Metal Band!

    Hey! If your into metal, please check out my band "Infirmity". We also have our E.P. "Unfit For Heaven" up for FREE download! Check us out! And PLEASE "Like" us on Facebook. And give me some feedback. Album Download: Facebook...

    Civic advertisements in mk9

    Has anyone noticed the new Civic Ad's in Mortal Kombat on stages such as The rooftop & the subway? "To Each Their Own". Here is the commercial the Ad's are hinting about,

    Mortal Kombat Platinum Trophy...

    Does anyone else think that it's kinda ********, that when you get all the trophies/achievements and obtain the Platinum Trophy, that the game doesn't reward you at all by unlocking anything. I really think the developers at NRS should have made it so when you obtain all the...

    Test Your_____ Background.

    Does anyone else wish that they had a dynamic background/wallpaper for PS3 of the "Test Your_____" challenges background? It's so badass. I can't even find a wallpaper size of this picture.

    Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken 6?

    Witch game is better? And if someone hasn't played either of these games, witch one would you recommend they get? Super Street Fighter 4 or Tekken 6?

    My Kung Fu Is Stronger....

    Does anyone else think this is pretty much lame? borderline unfair? that when you "Master" all MK characters all you get is a Trophy/Achievement. I mean, Come-on? I think the developers should have made it that when you obtain the "My Kung Fu Is Stronger" Trophy/Achievement, that you would...

    The Ultimate Fighting Game?

    Does anyone ever wish that someone would just make an ultimate fighting game, with main characters from the big title fighting games? and from main character just from big tittle games? What would be your ideal fighting game? Who would be in it? What would be in it...

    Alternate Primary & Secondary Costumes?

    Does anyone else think it would have been cooler to be able to select their alternate palette-swap costumes? Example, if Sheeva vs Sheeva, one Sheeva's bikini would be red, the other one blue. Or example, Sonya vs Sonya (2n'd Costume), one Sonya has a white tank-top with black hat/shorts, and...

    MK9 Super Meter In MK10?

    Mortal Kombat 9 introduced a brand new "super meter", and "X-Ray" moves. Do you want a super meter to carry on into MK10? Do you want X-Rays to be in MK10? If so, what changes would you make to the super meter for MK10? --------------------------------------- Personally, I would think it'd be...

    Mortal Kombat 9 Graphics?

    What do you think of the graphics in Mortal Kombat 9 (2011)? I personally feel that they are good graphics, but not up to par as they should have been. Compared to other game that were released in 2010, MK9's graphics are kinda dated looking. The character model's skin looks bland, in a day...

    Cyborg Raiden!?

    It was just too clever to pass up, lol.

    What Kind Of Beer Would MK Characters Drink?

    If some of MK's characters were to be real, and sit down and have a beer with you, what kind of beer do you think they would be drinking? Johnny Cage-Heineken Sub-Zero-Natural Ice Shao Kahn-Arrogant Bastard Reptile-King Cobra Kano-Budweiser

    2nd "Fight" character Introductions

    Is it just me, or do you think that each character should have had at-least two different "fight" introductions. I mean, I kinda get tired of every-time I start a match, the character saying the same thing, over & over again. example, I believe soul calibur 4 had two introductions for every...

    What are your LEAST favorite alt costumes?

    What are your LEAST favorite alternate costumes in MK9? Mine would be... Character/Costume: Sub-zero Alt Costume Why? Looks way too similar to the primary costume. Character/Costume: Noob Siabot Alt Costume Why? Looks way too similar to his primary costume, its the same thing just without that...

    Custome Music, Demo Vs Full Game (PS3)

    Did anyone notice that on the PS3 Demo you were able to play your own music off your PS3 hard-drive & it would mute the game music. This shocked me because usually you can't play music during any-game on PS3, not even demos. I thought it was sick, listening to some Death Metal while playing MK9...

    Enhanced Special Moves, How? (PS3)

    I'm playing on the PS3 version of "Mortal Kombat" And I can't figure out how to perform the Enhanced Special Moves. Do I press the R2 button after, or before, or during? what? I tried all of these and I cant figure it out. And is it easier to do them with the analog stick or the D-Pad? I usually...