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  1. Dragon

    My MK Tags/Sigs/Avatars

    just thought i'd make a thread which i can gradually add to for people to look at my MK sigs/avs that i have made. Sigs/Tags: Reptile Sig (request) Avatars: (request) i hope you enjoy them, and keep youre eyes peeled because i'll be sure to add more! :twisted: and feel free to leave...
  2. Dragon

    Smoke Sig

    My latest sig/tag, any feedback will be appreciated :)
  3. Dragon

    Where's my classic scorpion?

    Okay so basically i pre-ordered MK9 from GAME (UK) and it said that with the preorder i'd get the classic scorpion costume and fatality. But where the hell is my code?! i have the reciept for the purchase, but i cant find the one for the 2 questions: 1. is the code on the...