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  1. Lenin Ceballos

    Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 KE unboxing

    Well, my KE copy finally arrived! and I can say NRS really made an awesome job with this presentation, the Bookends are really nice, and the "Art Of Mortal Kombat" booklet is awesome. This is all so cool, i'm seriously thinking of buying the TE, because i think that fightstick must be awesome...
  2. Lenin Ceballos

    Are the boss fights a major negative point in MK9?

    I don't understand all the fallout that the boss fights has caused, it has gotten mentioned (negatively) in every review, even going as to cause the reviewer to award a lower score because of how much he disliked them, and people are constantly complaining here in the forums, i personally find...
  3. Lenin Ceballos

    Select Screen Theme

    This was posted on Youtube by MKIceVsFire (, i think is not posted yet in the forums.
  4. Lenin Ceballos

    Nintendo 3DS - Is it worth it?

    Hello, i would like to hear from anybody on the forum that has bought the recently released Nintendo 3DS, i really would like to hear their experience with it. I am thinking of buying one, and i've seen pretty good reviews on the web so far, but i still would like to know right from the gamers...
  5. Lenin Ceballos

    Select screens poll - Real or Fakes?

    I'm goint to start this little poll, just to know what you people of this forum think about the Select screens captures of Smoke and Sheeva going around the net this last week. Please vote, and if you want, post a comment about why you voted the way you did.
  6. Lenin Ceballos

    Mortal Kombat (2011) Demo - Youtube Videos

    All the links i'm posting are videos NOT made by me, the poster in Youtube will be mentioned above the link to the video. To the mods: If posting of videos of Youtube users other than me can't be done, please close this thread and i apologize in advance, i am doing this because i did not see...
  7. Lenin Ceballos

    MK2011 Xbox 360 demo discussion

    I ask this question to those in this site that are "in the know": Any rumour on the date of release of the Xbox 360 demo of MK? i know that this is not a very informative thread, in fact it absolutely lacks information :). Just a little whining in behalf of us Xbox 360 owners :cry:.
  8. Lenin Ceballos

    Reptile classic fatality - Amazon Preorder

    I have the following doubt, and i wish to know what other people in the forum think: The bonus for preordering the Kollectors Edition of MK in Amazon are: the Reptile classic costume, and his Classic fatality, my doubt is: what classic fatality? in MK1, he didn't have any, and in MK2 he has...
  9. Lenin Ceballos

    MK Interview at

    Hi, this is my first post on the site, i've followed you guys for years, but only with this new release of Mortal Kombat i've decided to join in the discussion at the forums. Now that the introduction is over, i want to point out that over at is a 5 minute interview with...