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  1. Jakeofspades

    Another Xbox Live screw-up - Batgirl spotted

    I hope they use that costume. I think they should have either done Batman or Bat girl, and they already have one of them.
  2. Jakeofspades


    King of the hill right now XBL Add "Jakeofspad3s"
  3. Jakeofspades


    So I am still main MK-9 but I got Mk vs. DC a while back that I play on the side. So do you guys play with the d-pad, because I cannot get used to it I am a stick player. Anyone who has played it knows why this is bad, but I am hoping there is a way around it.
  4. Jakeofspades

    Fun matches

    I know I could have came up with a better forum title. But I am trying to find ways to keep in touch with the Xbox 360 community, and I have found one that might be interesting. This isn't a new game mode but I haven't seen anyone playing it yet. I will post 5 characters on the forum and...
  5. Jakeofspades

    Halo 4

    So excited for this going tonight at 9:30 for the festivities. At 12:00 I lose my life.
  6. Jakeofspades


    Just a few. Am I the only one that thinks sindel is the best zoner in the game? On Xbox if I defeat the opponent and I go to do a fatality, or I don't. And they dashboard. Do I get a loss? Lately everyone I fight just leaves. Anyone ever got in a match and then its frozen? No one can pick...
  7. Jakeofspades

    WW2 Online - Battlegrounds Europe I just recently heard of this game, and it also just recently went free-to-play. This game is insanely fun, and if you like realistic shooters, mmos, or WW2, this is for you. This game is an mmo that has a 24 hour map, much like Planetside 2, but it is WW2...
  8. Jakeofspades

    King of the hill

    This might not be the right area to post this, if not i am sorry forum police. If you are interested in king of the hills follow my twitter I started for just this thing. If I can get people that will play, I have two at the moment. Then I will post times and...
  9. Jakeofspades

    Looking for players

    I am looking for players to play with on Xbox Live, maybe to start a competitive league or something. Or a group that i can join your king of the hill. Lol Honestly I have no friends on Xbox that are even decent at Mortal Kombat I want someone that i can play that will help me get better. So...
  10. Jakeofspades

    Best Xbox Live players

    Who are the best Xbox Live players? I faced Miller 16oz he has a pretty good smoke.
  11. Jakeofspades

    Creating a room

    Creating a room for Xbox called USA for people who live in America.