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    Scorpion Vs White Ranger fan made clip

    This is a two minute clip I put together and is my first attempt doing this sort of video editing, and came out ok:D I thought I'd share it here.
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    Mortal Kombat/DC/Marvel crossover chps 15-17

    Previous chapters Justice Heroes Elite CHP 15: What a night It is just two days before thanksgiving with the energy being felt throughout all of Central city. Most probably shop stacking...
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    Batman,Subzero,Ironman, and Superman

    An image I created based off my fan fic justice heroes elite
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    Mortal Kombat/DC/Marvel crossover chps 12-14

    Previous chapters Justice Heroes Elite CHP 12: Enemy locked on An immense amount of fear is perceived through the eyes of Raiden, now knowing the truth of what is the plans behind the...
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    Mortal Kombat/DC/Marvel crossover chps 9-11

    previous chapters Justice Heroes Elite CHP9: A day of rest Driving through the streets of Gotham is a fresh group of individuals, who appear to keep a low profile. Not much attention is drawn to them, as...
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    Online help MK9 ps3

    Is it possible to play online with a friend in tagteam battles, when playing on the same system? I've tried turning on both two controls, but for some reason the 2nd is unable to choose a character; please help?
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    Mortal Kombat/DC/Marvel CHP 6-8

    Previous chapters The Justice Heroes Elite CHP6: Surprise equal Mileena stands in front of Wolverine spinning a Sai. He just looks back and forth between her and the roaring crowd. CaptainAmerica...
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    MK/Marvel/DC Crossover story

    The The Justice heroes Elite CHP1: Evil plan This is a Marvel DC crossover with MK. Two men wearing ski masks enter a drug store. They look around for a few seconds, before coming to the front of the store. One of them pulls out a gun, and aims it at the head of a man who stands...