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  1. asddgd

    Mortal Kombat X Official Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Now if they play the mirror match against each other, thats what would tell whos the best Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. asddgd

    MK X Online Component Speculation

    Did some research into all the threads, didn't see anything like this in it's own specific section so if this has been talked about feel free to direct me to the most appropriate thread. Ed has been saying for awhile now that they will have some online functionality that has everyone playing...
  3. asddgd

    Official Your Pets Thread

    my girlfriend and I with our 2 dogs contessa and penelope. i will try for a better picture soon
  4. asddgd

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Favorite picture of my brother and I. Miss my long hair.
  5. asddgd

    Gauntlet Legends

    Hey everyone, i have no idea if theres already a thread for this but i just wanted to know who everyones favorite character is in the gauntlet series, your favorite gauntlet game, and if you'd want another gauntlet game. Gauntlet legends is one of my favorite midway games and i'd love a new one...