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  1. pgd42

    Stage Fatalities?

    Hey guys I didn't find any threads on this so I just wanted to ask how to pull off stage fatalities or if they're something you have to unlock.
  2. pgd42

    Review of story (no spoilers please)

    For those of you who read the spoliers, I'm wandering what your thoughts are about the story. I haven't read the spoilers since I'm waiting until the game comes out but I'm basically just asking whether you think it was well done or bad without ruining anything. Just think of it like a movie review.
  3. pgd42

    top 10 ways mortal kombat went wrong

    Just posting an article I found on
  4. pgd42

    MK Timeline?

    This is something that I'm not sure was explained yet, but does anyone know how characters from centuries ago such as scorpion and subzero fit in with modern day/future characters like jax, stryker, sonya etc.? I'm assuming they are from the erra of the samurai timeline judging from the bio...
  5. pgd42

    New hidden characters

    I'm hoping they do what they did with the original 3 games and include a new hidden character to fight. Thats how reptile, smoke and noob got introduced before they were real characters and I think it would be cool if they did something like that again. Now they have the technology to make it a...
  6. pgd42

    characters that will die

    In the past mk games there have been many characters who have been killed in the storyline only to keep returning for one reason or another in later games. Although its understandable that armageddon was a reunion type game, it completely made no sense storywise. What characters do you think...
  7. pgd42

    Official site ?

    So it's been awhile now, does anyone know if the official site is gonna open up for registering and kombat chat anytime soon? Not really worried about it, but it was a cool concept and i was just curious
  8. pgd42

    3 fatalities?

    My apologies if there was already a thread on this but after seeing that new game trailers footage, it seems subzero has 3 different fatalities. The one where he rips people in half, the one where he rips the spine out through the back and the new head rip one. Idk if all three will make it to...
  9. pgd42

    cyber subzero?

    alright since the original subzero is back, and the younger brother should most likely be in the game some how, theres a chance that he might be turned into a cyber ninja and smoke might be the one who escaped this time. I think that way it would be a good mix up if we were to have 2 subzeros so...