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  1. Mr. Ice

    Future DLC for MKX?

    . . . . . . .
  2. Mr. Ice

    Have you seen the movies in another language?

    So I thought I'd ask. All, or at least most, of us have seen the first film. I presume also most have seen it in English of course. So my question to you is this... Has anyone seen the MK movies in a different language? For example Spanish or German? Maybe Italian or Portuguese? If so, what did...
  3. Mr. Ice

    [SPOILER] DLC Characters Ladder Endings & Dialogue Intros

    I know you all probably can't wait how the DLC characters will interact with everyone else and how've they been incorporated into the story. Well, good news. NRS did a phenomenal job :) And before you ask... Yes, this is legit. Ladder Endings JASON Like Scorpion, Jason Voorhees was a...
  4. Mr. Ice

    How many achievements/trophies have you unlocked?

    I've been playing the game for ten days now and have unlocked 16 out of 60 achievements, so 27%. It may not be much, but I'm kind of proud of it, because I wasn't aiming to unlock anything - I just played normally as I would without reading any guides. How about you? How many...
  5. Mr. Ice

    Roster Speculation

    I enhanced the boots a bit to make them more visible and distinguishable:
  6. Mr. Ice

    Cyborg & Female Scorpion

    OK. Take a deep breath and bear with me. After reading the thread title, you're probably thinking I'm kidding or trying to piss you off. Neither. That's why you need to take another deep breath. Now, for a brief moment, entertain the idea of a cybernetic and female version of Scorpion. Try...
  7. Mr. Ice

    Story Mode Predictions - Who? Why? How?

    I thought we could have a thread where everyone can make a prediction regarding MKX's Story Mode and what will unfold - in a different way than on the timeline thread. Plus it would be great to have it all in one place. After the game comes out we can look back and see who got most of the stuff...
  8. Mr. Ice

    Ideas for NEW characters - what/who would you like to see?

    We already have a thread for returning characters and one for guest characters. However, there is no thread for brand new characters that will be making their debut in MKX and we haven't seen before - either characters that are completely new to Mortal Kombat (like those introduced at E3) or...
  9. Mr. Ice

    Say YES/NO to MK characters coming back

    There, that's better LOL