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  1. RAvEcREAToR23

    MK Time Runs Out ...

  2. RAvEcREAToR23

    Why ?

    Game Sometimes Not Let Me Do X Ray Move ! It Looks So Stupid Warrior Just Blocks Or Change Stance But No X Ray ... I Hate It .
  3. RAvEcREAToR23

    Ed Retwited Me ...

    So Now Maybe Little More Chances Receive Her MK3 Costume . I Se That More And More People Want Se Her From MK3 In Full HD =)
  4. RAvEcREAToR23

    About Double KO =)

    i noticed that in mk impossible do double death like when both warriors low on health & both do hits at same time both get hurt & both die . was funny thing i sonya low health raiden opponent low health & we both shoot at same time he lightning i purple ring we both get hits at same time . &...
  5. RAvEcREAToR23

    Stupid + Stupid = DoubleStupid ??? Or I Just Not Know Something ???

    Ok I Try Ask You Long Question ... I With One Guy On One Ps3 Play Mk Online Tag I Controller 1 My PSN He Controller 2 Game Say Guest . I Tel Him Select Warrior With START Then Select Costume Because I Unlocked Everything In Krypt =) He Press Start & No Costume There !!! I Think How ? If I...
  6. RAvEcREAToR23

    Kung Sonya =)

  7. RAvEcREAToR23

    Is It So Hard To Do PSN MK Avatars ?

    PSN Avatars Just Little Tiny Pictures !!! Is It Hard For NRS Put All Warriors Avatars On PSN ?
  8. RAvEcREAToR23

    Why Scorp Leave Mark On Sonya Before Fatality ? If You Se This Pic Then There Is Place Where Like Line And No Blood Right Where Scorp Cut With His Blade During Fatality ... But Why Blood So Strangely Falls On Her Stomach ? If More Brutal Fight Then Blood Cover Her Stomach More But Still That Line Is Seen =) Maybe You...
  9. RAvEcREAToR23

    How About Possibility To ...

    Change Shao Khan Online ? Because Personally I Bored To Se Shao Khan Standing In Horrible Looking Background =) So Fun Will Be If We Can Chose What Will Stand Online . Or Chosen Warrior For King Of Hill Automatically Stand And Replace Shao Khan ... More Interesting Se MK Girl Standing There Or...
  10. RAvEcREAToR23

    Worst Special Move In New MK Is ...

    Oh It Is Easy Sonya Kiss Is Worst Special Move . He Is Bad But More Bad If Enhanced ... What You Think Is Worst Special Move ?
  11. RAvEcREAToR23

    Johnny Did X Ray On Sonya Kiss !!! Wat A Hell ?

    How Can He Do Counter On Kiss ? Kiss Even Not Punch Or Kick ... Just Purple Mist !!!
  12. RAvEcREAToR23

    Is It Normal ?

    Just Funny =)
  13. RAvEcREAToR23

    Kiss Vs Yell ... (Debate)

    OK ( Sorry My Language Not English ) I Play As Sonya But Noticed Her Kiss Worst Her Special Move . Sindel Have Yell Special Move ... For First Look They Almost Look The Same Both Short Range Both Do Stun & Do One Hit 1% DMG . But Kiss Is Slower !!! And Do Stun Just For Half Second . But Yell...
  14. RAvEcREAToR23

    Is That Must Be Enough To Get ...

    My Kung Fu Is Strong ? I Have But Not Get Trophy =)
  15. RAvEcREAToR23

    Little Thing But Stupid ...

    In Vs Screen Kano ...
  16. RAvEcREAToR23

    Is It Was Hard To Do ... ?

    In Vs Screen Show Only Original Costumes Even If I Select Alternate Costume :( So It Was Hard To Do Alternate Costume In Vs Screen ? Or Maybe On Box 360 DvD Was Not Enough Space ? & Oh Sonya Kiss Now Absolute Useless :(
  17. RAvEcREAToR23

    Sorry But I Think XBOX 360 Destroys Games ....

    MK Look Super But As You Cnow It Will Be On XBOX 360 & Ps3 But XBOX 360 Alows To Use Only 8 GB For Game & Ps3 Alows To Use 50 GB For Game . & New MK Not Be In Double DvD It Will Be In 8 GB DvD Because Of XBOX 360 !!! I Hate It . I Think Realy Cool & Best MK Possible Only On Ps3 With Tons Of...