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  1. barf79

    Problem with challenge #160 - 8 hit combo for Liu Kang

    Hi everyone, i really need help on this one. I tried, i tried and i tried but i am not able to pull that damn challenge # 160 where you have to do an 8 combo with Liu kang. Because of that i had to skip this one because i was starting to go crazy... Any tips on how i could pull that 8 combo...
  2. barf79

    Does changing difficulty level in the options has an impact on the Challenge Tower???

    Hi everybody, this morning i was stuck in a challenge in the tower and i deicide to scale down the difficulty level to beginner because i was tired of trying over and over the same challenge. After i finally beat the challenge i change back the difficulty level to medium but i am not sure it has...
  3. barf79

    VERY disappointed with the Official Mortal Kombat site!!!

    Am i the only only but i am very disappointed with the lack of updates on the official Mortal Kombat site. I was hoping this time that there would be a lot of great stuff available. Two weeks away from the release the are only 6 characters displayed... What's your thought on this???
  4. barf79

    Very Sad, my order at Gamestop is backordered!!!

    Hi everyone, i don't know if there is a lot of people like me but i have placed my order for MKVSDCU Limited Edition at Gamestop at the end of september and when i went to see if my order was shipped today, the status said backordered.... I am very pissed with this situation. What is the purpose...
  5. barf79

    Where is Kano??

    I have read on another forums that we can fight kano with the help of Jax.... where is Kano .. i almost have finished the game and i didn't find it... please someone help me.... :roll: :P 8)
  6. barf79

    I want to return to the Goro's Lair!!!

    Hi everyone, i almost have all the secrets but i have to return to the Goro's Lair to pick up the items i have left behind. I have search everywhere and i can't find the way to get back there. I have search a portal in the Wu-Shi academy but didn't find anything. Please someone help me... it...
  7. barf79

    Can someone tell me where all the skills we need are!!!

    Hi everyone, can someone give me an indication where i can find all the skills we need during the game (like long jump and wall climb). I'am asking this because after i have beat Baraka, i was not able to get the Victory icon and the game told me to get the skill in the WuSHI Academy but i...
  8. barf79

    Did i miss BARAKA or not???

    Hi everyone, i was just wondering, is Baraka the fisrt boos to beat??? Is Baraka in the WUSHI Academy?? Now i am in the Soul Tomb, so i kill Reptile (Living forest) and Jade (Evil monastery) and i didn't saw where Baraka would be??? Did i skip something.... Please someone help me!!! :P 8) :evil:
  9. barf79

    Help with the Living forest please!!!

    Hi everyone, i am stuck at the beginning of the living forest, after the firts time you kill the brothers of shadows, there is a passage that opens in front of you, beside the living tree. What can i do to go trought that passage. I cannot jump because there are plants with thorns in front of...
  10. barf79

    Only one coffin left (MO) please help!!

    Hi guys, i need your help this morning because i have only one coffin left to open in the krypt and it's the MO (Dragon King Temple Arena). It says the chest is in chaosrealm at D-7 inside a hut but when i go there there is nothing inside the hut. I read somewhere that you have to be there at...
  11. barf79

    I still can't get Liu Kang!! Please help!!

    Hi guys, i have done konquest. I have train with Lui Kang in Earth Realm at H-6. I have done the Jade-Rain quest in Edenia at H-8 and i have wait for a full day behind the tent and the chest to unlock Lui Kang never appeared. Please someone tell me exactly what to do to unlock Lui Kang. Do i...