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    Mortal Kombat X Arcade Machine

    Hey all. Been away from the forums for quite a long time. Some of you may know me by my other name on most other sites..."YourMKArcadeSource." I shared this project with most other forums I'm part of so I figure I might as well share it here as well, unless someone else beat me to it, but I...
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    My Ultimate 90's Midway Fighter Collection...
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    New Mortal Kombat Arcade Hacks

    Ok. Here's the scoop. With the help of the original code modder, "core333," I was able to hack rev 5.0's UJ12 rom and edit the code to modify the game. The game now has... -) Fast Uppercut Recovery -) Extreme Blood (Sub and JC Fatality Only) -) After you beat the first opponent in the...
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    Turbo Ninja 2-Player Reptile Glitch

    When you play a 2-player game, if you do a double flawless and fatality against your opponent, you'll fight that player again at the bottom of the pit instead of Reptile. 6n3qK0AgGC8
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    MK2 Rev 9.1 Jade....Glitch?

    The video explains it all. Opinions? wVzbQgPBlbs
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    Another MK1 Arcade Machine Restoration

    Paid $350 for this and ended up just under $500 after restoration.... All Done... New T-molding, new monitor cap kit, new buttons, new joysticks, new lexan CPO cover, new CPO, new marquee, and lots of touch up and cleaning. 4cqlIi-CRyA it8riXu6Dek...
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    Rare "Nifty Kombo" Discovered!

    The ultra rare and elusive "Nifty Kombo" Mortal Kombat 1 board has finally been found after 19 years! Some pics of the board and screens: And a quick vid.. 8AcHJsehk7E It has since been discovered that this version has already been dumped, but that info appears to be slightly...
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    "Jax" - 54 Hit/99% Damage Combo

    If you can trap Shao Khan in the corner, you can go to town on him (I make it look easy though). Check it out....
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    UMK3 Arcade - Supreme Demonstration

    Check it out (If you haven't seen it already)...
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    Mortal Kombat 2 Babality/Friendship Glitches (Rev 2.1)

    Made a video a while back and for those who haven't seen or heard of this stuff before, here it is...
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    Mortal Kombat Arkades - The Komlete Kollection

    Mortal Kombat Arkades - The Komplete Kollection I have been restoring and trading arcade machines for a while now and finally fulfilled a long time dream of mine...I got all 4 Mortal Kombat Arcde Machines in Mint condition. I built the UMK3 cab from scratch for MAME purposes. Below are some...