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    Double fatality (cage)

    Hey guys, Has anyone been able to pull off the double fatality glitch with cage in mk1 for mkak yet? You know the one where after you input f,f,f hp you keep tapping forward and hp and he pops off two heads??? Hardcore mk1 players will know what I'm talking about from back in the arcade days...
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    Ranked match quitters, automatic loss?

    So I've had about 3 fights online ranked where the opponent quit on me during the fight. My question is, does this count as an automatic loss for them and a win for me? Or it counts as a disconnect? Or nothing haoppens at all? I know I cam easel check stats, but they don't seem to update...
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    Can't connect after getting kenshi?!?!?

    I just downloaded kenshi, and now when I try to go into online mode, I get the following error msg. The network connection to your system has been lost. Make sure your Ethernet cables and router are connected properly. WTF! Anyone else? Edit: hmm when I restarted the game, it worked... Better...
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    Patch update question

    I read that mk9 wS made with 'hot fixes' meaning they can made changes to the game play very easily. I've also read that they will not require Microsoft or Sony to make a download update each time. I can't quote the source since I'm using my phone to post this but go to mortal kombat online...
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    Wake up attacks - help

    Hey y'all, Can anyone help me understand wake up attacks? I had one guy keep me in the corner with scorpion and swept me like 10 times in a row just as I was getting up then he threw me and won. I tried my 'wake up attacks' with mileena (roll, teleport kick) just as I was getting up but they...
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    Online stats keep changing WTF??

    My online stats keep changing. I went from 12/8 with 1 disconnect to 10/7 no disconnect WTF?? Anyone else experience this?
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    Hidden trophy help!

    Hey guys, Before I begin I do want to say I looked at many websites including this one before posting this. I am missing a hidden trophy, it's the one in between 'finish him?' and 'quan-tease' I've fought all 4 secret characters, reptile smoke jade and noob.... What am I missing? Thanks!
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    Question about fighting klassic reptile

    When they say u have to get a double flawless match, anyone know if it can be a 3 round fight? Like If I get flawless on round 1 but loose round 2 then flawless again on round 3? Please don't say I'm lazy for not just trying myself but I've seriously just spent 3 hours trying to fight on the...
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    One major complaint and a question

    Hey y'all so far I'm enjoying the game emensly however I have one major complaint and a question. Complaint: there seems to be an button input error when executing a special move immediatle after a 2 - 3 hit combo string. For example most characters have square, square, triangle combo. When I...