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    Ermac vs Cage

    A new fake I've been brewing. :D EDIT : Should be viewable.
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    just something I knocked up.
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    Photomanip: NecroChic [gory,discretion advised]

    a work in progress.
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    Hello there, TRMK-ers. This thread is especially for those that wish to request a signature or avatar of whatever they please. However, there are certain rules that need to be upheld at all times when requesting a sig. Try and request reasonably. - Don't ask for a sig of Naruto making love to...
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    My dump o' crap.

    I haven't really made anything MK related for a long time. I'm more into dark art/photomanipulations. But, here's an old fake of mine. And I've made a lot of sigs too. Just because they aren't 'grunge brushes + render + typo', there's no need to flame. - A tag of Promoe, a member of...