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    Is your cell phone rape free?

    Pretty powerful short vid:
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    The Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 thread.

    I'll only be getting one of these games, but haven't fully decided yet :\ I've never played a Battlefield game, and have only owned the first Modern Warfare, which I loved, so I'm back in the mood for a good FPS :) I'm leaning towards MW3 as I'm familiar with CoD and I'm really digging the...
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    What's the longest break you've had in between a game?

    And I don't mean you started the game over, I mean actually stopped playing, then picked up and resumed weeks/months later from the place you left it at :)
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    New 2D Persona fighting game from the GG/BB guys!

    Damn, this looks beautiful! My favorite RPG of the last gen and 2d fighting combine into one in Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena :twisted: Can't frickin wait! :)
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    PS3ers: Do you trust PSN now?

    Do you guys buy the DLC directly on PSN or do you buy PSN cards elsewhere?
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    Game/system errors that waste your time

    Isn't this one of the most rage inducing things. I just was leveling up in an RPG for about an hour and the friggin game locks up. :_mad:
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    Has anyone here played SMT: Nocturne??

    I have always been interested in this game, but pussed out whenever I'd read about the difficulty and the high random encounter rate. But I feel my body may be ready now :twisted:
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    Games you went masochist for?

    What are some of the games that totally kicked your ass, yet you loved it so much you kept coming back for more? I think my biggest one was Devil May Cry 3 :twisted:
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    Would anyone here whose played it say it's worth the time/15 bucks? It always looked very cool to me.
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    Anyone else picking this up? I'm a huge Persona fan, and my copy just arrived. Unfortunatly I won't have time to play it till the weekend maybe, but can't wait! :)
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    After this MK, EVERY fighting game should have an online lobby system, no excuses

    There's no reason now for other fighters not to have the cool online set up where we can chat and challenge, making things so much more fun and community like. I wish 3rd Strike Online Edition had it :(
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    Will Cyber-Smoke have the generic MK3 outfit? -__-

    I hope not. I hope it's more v__v
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    Do you think fighting games will get their due in proper televised events?

    Fighting games are a unique thing among video games. The mental strategy and physical reflexes you need to win at the highest levels are superb. It's similar IMO to tennis, where both players are not exactly physically interacting with each other but are still using spacing, set-ups, and...
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    How many of you actually play tag-team??

    Tag-team didn't really catch on. Did NRS waste their resources on this feature?
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    One thing I miss that I wish they would've brought back

    I loved how in a few past MKs when blocking the characters would react with different arm postures while blocking consecutive attacks. It looked way better than simply blocking in one position. Gave it even more of an epic karate feel. :)
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    What should the next MK be titled?

    How about keeping it along the same spiritual vein as Ultimate and naming it Mortal Kombat Ultra...that way it could also be shortened as MK Ultra :twisted:
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    Anyone waiting till all DLC is released to buy everything in a pack?

    $20 for 4 new characters not including all classic costumes and whatever else they put up seems a bit whack. Even SSF4: AE has 4 new characters and is only $15. :s
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    Most underappreciated/overlooked fighting game?

    What do you think is the best fighting game that people never played? My vote goes to Samurai Shodown V Special. It is IMO the best Samurai Shodown, and what SS III should've been. It took everything that made II special and just amplified it with a great battle system that had tons of depth...
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    How good is Beyond Good & Evil's story?

    I saw the HD version just released on PSN, and I never picked this game up. It always looked a bit too cartoonish for my taste, but I hear it has a really good story and I love that. Anyone here recommend it? (I tend to like darker atmospheres).
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    How awesome would Spawn have been as guest character

    It's a shame Soul Calibur got guests such as Spawn and Kratos before that didn't even fit in that damn game world, they just wanted the name. (They even got Darth Vader and Yoda lol WTF). Spawn's evil would've fit PERFECTLy in this MK :twisted: