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  1. Burnsy8893

    How to pronounce Bi-Han?

    Is it "Bee-han" or "Bye-han"? I've heard both ways and just curious! Thanks!
  2. Burnsy8893

    Raiden's Visions Were NOT Correct

    The opening scene in MK9 was during Armageddon and it showed most of the kombatants slain in the wasteland of what was once Edenia from the outcome of Armageddon. In the ending of the story line, (SPOILER!!) Shao Kahn was defeating Raiden in Earthrealm, not on the Pyramid of Argus in Edenia...
  3. Burnsy8893

    Cyber Smoke DLC Costume?

    Did NRS forget about Cyber Smoke? Are they planning on releasing new DLC? Why MK3 Cyber Sub-Zero and not MK3 Cyber Smoke? I'm really disappointed at NRS' last DLC pack, was a complete fail in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think..
  4. Burnsy8893

    Shang Tsung Morph Freezes MKT

    When I play as Shang Tsung on Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PS1 disk) on my PS2, and perform a morph, my game freezes for a few seconds and then morphs into the character. Then when he goes to morph back into Shang Tsung, the game freezes again, and I just find this annoying. Is this due to my disk...