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  1. Shinrei

    Help me out guys and gals!

    Hey guys, some of you may have seen some of my posts about the character "Lillith" already, but I'm coming at you again asking for some support! MKX is nearly upon us (I'm hyped as heck), and NRS in undoubtedly already in their DLC phase of development. That is why I am asking folks to take a...
  2. Shinrei


    Some more art for Lillith. These are her two non-mecha alt costume concepts:
  3. Shinrei


    Hello everyone. My name is Xailas, (or Shinrei) and I would like to show you guys Lillith, the Shoga-Ryu mecha shinobi who has been behind the scenes for far too long, though that stands to change if I have anything to say about it. Some key things: 1. She is distinctly Japanese and is an elite...
  4. Shinrei

    Mortal Kombat - Rise of the Shoga-Ryu: Lillith and Tsumi Kara Umareru

    Hello everyone. This is the story of Lillith, a very serious and canon respecting origin piece about a character I hope to one day see as an official part of MK lore. Lillith and her story has been in personal development since the release of MK9, and she's now set up for MKX. Some of you may...
  5. Shinrei

    Ideas for NEW characters - what/who would you like to see?

    It would be my dream for this character, Lillith, to be a part of official MK lore: You can read her story and see more art here: If only people would rally in support of her and get her to Ed Boon. She would add so much to the series.
  6. Shinrei

    Character Themes

    I'm new to the boards and I wanted to share my themes with the community. I didn't much care for the "Song's inspired by the warriors"... It didn't seem very "inspired" to me. So I did some of my favorite characters a bit more justice. Each of the themes was put together to actually represent...