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  1. KJ012005

    good sports man shoutout

    Yo keep it real this is for all those players that had matches that were good fights and the players weren't spam-a-holics.... lalow4ever gave me a run early in the 00TRMK room, so shout out for being a good sport....
  2. KJ012005

    May 21st..... fact or fiction

    So at work someone said saturday is doomsday.... what are your thoughts..... if this is a sensitive topic, just delete the thread....
  3. KJ012005

    your thoughts.....

    Ok I searched, and didn't find anything regarding this so here goes..... I personally like Mortal kombat vs. DC Universe, and want to see a new one... with the same features mk 9 has.... more characters, and the canons from the first, such as SubZ dawning the bat cape, for the Joker taking over...
  4. KJ012005


    does anyone else thing the upgraded kabal should be an alt. costume?