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  1. Specter

    Video: KAF Special Move Glitch o.O

    I found a glitch that combine two special moves Charging Spikes and Wind Kick it gives me an advantage online a lot. Here is the video 8) Edit: Link:
  2. Specter

    Luckiest thing to ever happen to you

    This is sorta like The Dumest thing you've ever done thread but this thread has a good vibe, envy, and nobody jacking off :bebored: Okay here I go. One time I found a $20 bill at the mall Last summer some girls top fell off at the pool and she had a nice pair... and did I say it happened...
  3. Specter

    I need help! o.O

    Guys I need help with special moves. I can beat Arcade mode on hard without special moves, but when I go online I get pumbled. The problem is I have always had a hard time with this catagory thinking "do you think that one will be effective?" or "will I ever use this special move?". It's also a...
  4. Specter

    My First Youtube Video!

    My First Video on YouTube...It's stupid but I showed my friends and they laughed. If you have an account could you leave a comment. That would be very nice, expect more videos from Ma3cara. F.Y.I: I am wearing a kick-ass My Chemical Romance Shirt and my Halloween Mask in the video. Link...
  5. Specter

    Relic Help

    Okay guys I need help with relics Ashrah’s Doll Baraka’s Blade Blaze Essence Bo’ Rai Cho’s Jug Cage’s picture Cyrax’s bomb Daegon’s belt Dairou’s Keys Darrius’ shades Drahmin’s mask Ermac’s gem Frost’s mask Fujin’s Cape Goro’s amulet Havik’s mask Hotaru’s Flag Hsu Hao’s watch Jade’s Bracelet...
  6. Specter

    Funny YouTube Video Thread

    YouTube I saw this type of thread on some other forums and I thought I should bring it to TRMK! Rules: You should know what not to bring on here....You know. Heres a good one: Banned X-box 360 Commercial
  7. Specter

    The Decline of Video Gaming

    These are really good flash movies by The Super Flash Bros. and Double Helix and I promise you will laugh or your money back! The Decline of Video Gaming The Decline of Video Gaming Part 2 The Decline of Video Gaming Part 3 It's a must see for anyone who loves Video Games! :mrgreen:
  8. Specter

    Fatality:Ermac Heart Rip

    When I was making this I was think what is Snow in the background thinking? My Guess.... Snow: I wonder If Ermac gonna eat that? Rate my work and put in your own guess of what Snow is thinking. Ermac and Jax sprites, background, blood,etc. From MK Warehouse MK II Snow sprite From who else...
  9. Specter

    Specter Fan Banner

    I had made this a while back at MK Outworld under the name Poison so I decided to bring it to TRMK so give it a rating and put it in you sig if you respect Spec....:mrgreen:
  10. Specter

    Shaun Morgan enters rehab

    Yep it true Seether's Shaun Morgan is in rehab Here is an article from aolmusic Seether Frontman Enters Rehab Posted Jul 26th 2006 3:51PM by Jessica Robertson Filed under: Rock Seether frontman Shaun Morgan has checked himself into rehab, forcing the band to back out of their August tour...
  11. Specter

    Shinnok Sig

    Well I didnt use Photoshop or any other programs I put the sig together in MS Paint and changed the color scheme with MS Picture Manager.... enjoy and tell me what you think :mrgreen:
  12. Specter


    Anyone else here like Naruto I started by reading the manga and moved on to the T.V show but I like the manga better for the blood and gore I am thinking of getting a sand village head band :cool: My favorite ninja is the sand villages Kankurou
  13. Specter

    Date Change?

    I was on Gamestop the other day and it say that MKA comes out seven days after 10-2 that just makes me mad I have to go though more days of school then planned!
  14. Specter

    I am Pathetic

    To help myself raise money to get a network adapter and money so I can reserve MKA at my local Gamestop Specter here has resorted to get a summer job as a.... ..Sign Spinner the good news is I can make 10-12 dollars an hour and listen to Slipknot as I wave my sign around the bad news is I have...
  15. Specter


    I am think of finally getting a network adapter for my PS2 so I can play MKA online and whoop you all with my awesome skills j/k...or am I... Anyway back to the point how much are network adapters right now? An answer would be nice
  16. Specter

    Mortal Kombat 7 Thread

    I am tired of reading of these topics about MK7 so if anyone has any rumors,news,etc. post it here so we can save our forum for more important topic.
  17. Specter


    I was playing MK:SM last night and my little 8 year old sister loves watching me play so i had to go to the bathroom so when I got back I saw my little sister beating the hell out of the Demon Generals and doing all of these combos with Kung Loa she was hitting the enemy with his hat throw and...
  18. Specter


    Anyone here like Seether not to spam or anything
  19. Specter

    ads by google

    I am making a web site based on the awesome release of Battlefront 2 and these ads by google are pissing me off so does anyone know how to switch what they say or how to make them go away.
  20. Specter

    Johnny Cage unlocked

    After you extingush the fire at the Wu Shi Acdemey there will be a cut scene were you are talking to Cage and you see a yin yang coin behind his head after the cut scene jump on the building (next to the first water thing you do you test your might on) you see a spike ball do a long jump on...