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    My Third Feature Film: "Gonk"

    In case anyone is interested, I have been working hard to prepare for the lead role in my third film entitled "Gonk." Below is the first photo of me as my character. For more information about the film, visit the Official Website.
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    Mortal Kombat Family Guy Style

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but here you go:
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    Please comment.
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    Death to Reality Shows / Musician Actors

    It really sucks that so many people are out of work these days because of Reality TV. Actors, writers, and many other positions are no longer necessary because of these shows. I was filming something recently (and actually had a few lines) and I was amazed at the number of people that traveled...
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    Blockbuster Movie Trailers

    Anyone know where I can find a list of all the big movies coming out this year? Every trailer I have seen for movies coming out in the next month look terrible. Man of the House? The Pacifier? OMG, please tell me there is a silver lining to this dark cloud.
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    MK Sounds Featured in Songs

    I just heard Game Over by Lil' Flip and there's a sound effect of one of the MK women screaming... I think Kitana MK2, but can't say for sure.
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    Ultimate Kombat Code

    I found a local arcade the other day that has Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 with none of the UKC's entered. Last night I drank a bottle of wine and proceeded to play the machine and entered all of the codes. It was great! Aaaah, nostalgia. Reminded me of when I put the code in MK3 and it set the...
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    Auctions Anyone notice the addition of auctions from Mexico and Brazil? I'm looking to add more. Anyone know of any good auction sites besides what we already have? Sites currently polled: eBay Amazon Yahoo! SellYourItem uTrove eAuctionWorld whybidmore Mercado Livre Mercado Libre
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    Fight Night Chat In Review

    Another Fight Night Chat has come and gone. Over 700 people were in attendance to discuss <b>Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</b> with members of the games' development team. Guests included Ed Boon, John Vogel, Mike Taran, Tony Goskie, Alexander Barrentine, Brian Lebaron, Paulo Garcia, Robert...
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    Greetings From E3!

    We are finally here! We managed again, for the fourth consecutive year, to sneak our way on to the show floor early. You can even see workers still vacuuming, setting up for the show. <b>Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</b> is front and center at the <b>Midway</b> booth and in playable format. The...
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    Introducing the MK Auction Watch

    Today marks the addition of a new feature we've added to the site. We call it the <A HREF="/auctions/auctions.cgi?order=11">MK Auction Watch</A>, or Mortal Marketplace. For the past year, we have received a lot of requests for information on where to purchase older MK games and merchandise. We...
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    Part Three of 3rd Degree

    <!-- <IMG ALIGN="right" SRC="/images/misc/boon.jpg" HSPACE=15> --> Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon <!-- (right) --> gives more insight into his career at Midway in his latest <A...
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    Boon Basques In The Limelight

    <A HREF=""></A> recently confirmed that the Ed Boon Chat scheduled for this month will take place on Wednesday, April 11th at 6PM Pacific Time (9PM EST). More info on this as we receive it.<BR><BR> Want more Boon? Check out <A...
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    <I><SUP><FONT SIZE=-1>THE</FONT></SUP>GRID</I> Chat Transcri

    The chat has ended. Questions about the game were answered by various members of the design team -- there was even a tidbit about <B>MK5</B>! If you missed it, take a gander at the <A HREF="/features/logs/09-14-2000.txt">transcript</A>.
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    Mortal Kombat 5 @

    <IMG SRC="/images/misc/5.jpg" ALIGN="right" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=115> Yes, that's right! Ed Boon has updated his <A HREF="">web site</A> with a single image of the number five filled with Scorpion's face. It may not be much, but it is enough to quench the thirsts of hungry MK...
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    Fight Night Cancelled

    <IMG SRC="/images/misc/divizio.jpg" WIDTH=80 HEIGHT=100 ALIGN="right" HSPACE=10> <B>Richard Divizio</B> (pictured at right) was supposed to chat with MK fans tonight at 9:00 Eastern / 6:00 Pacific, but he was a no show. No one knows what happened, but he never made contact with any of the chat...
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    Fight Night Chat Transcript

    The chat with <B>Dan Elektro</B> from GamePro Magazine has ended. Check out the <A HREF="/features/logs/07-06-2000.log">transcript of the chat</A> if you missed it. And don't forget! <B>Richard Divizio</B> is scheduled to chat with fans on July 20th!<BR><BR>
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    MK Special Forces Released Today

    <IMG SRC="/images/mksf/mksfbox.gif" ALIGN="right" HSPACE=10> We've been waiting a long time, but now the wait is over. That's right, today is the day that <B>MK Special Forces</B> finally makes its way into stores. The game is rated <B>M</B> for <B>Mature</B> and is available only for the...
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    The Return of Fight Night

    Get ready MK fans, because Fight Night is set to rear its ugly head this summer! On July 6<U>th</U>, the <B>#mortalkombat IRC Network</B> is proud to present GamePro's own <B>Dan Elektro</B>. Also scheduled for July is <B>Richard Divizio</B> (Kano, Quan Chi). For information on how to...
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    E3: MK Special Forces Screenshots

    We just got our hands on screenshots from MK Special Forces! Hopefully we'll have some more exclusive images for you later in the day, but the show has not yet begun. These will have to satisfy your appetite for now. Check out the <A HREF="/features/e3/2000/mksf/images/index.html">MK Special...