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  1. DAVE101

    Rain combo video

    Rain is a love/hate character. Alot of people say it's because of his moves... You be the judge. Watch 8 minutes of PAIN (about 50 combos) (Web-based) If you're really interested, you can download the better copy here. Sometimes the "download now"...
  2. DAVE101

    Mortal Kombat Unchained FACTS thread

    Mortal Kombat Unchained SOURCE thread This is the source thread for all information related To Mortal Kombat: Unchained. I will keep this updated. If anyone finds something I missed, or should be in here, please let me know. OFFICIAL WEBSITE:
  3. DAVE101


    I was always fascinated with this character since I was a wee lad. Many people don't like him, either because he had no story or just didn't like his playability. I don't play with him often because it's not easy to play well with due to his unpredicabilty. But in the right hands, he can be...
  4. DAVE101

    New MK: Uncchained Characters Revealed!

    Thanks to IGN Kitana, Jax, Frost, Blaze, Goro, Shao Kahn. Here is the Ign Page: There are also screenshots and more info.
  5. DAVE101

    MORTAL KOMBAT II   fatality video

    I finished it yesterday, my connection is messed up so I got kicked off before I posted it. This is much like the fatality demonstration on UMK3 but with MKII. For you who care, it's the SNES version. Fo you whom use dial-up, expect 1.5 hours waiting time because it is 25 megabytes :x . Both...
  6. DAVE101

    N64-Trilogy- Khans last treasure

    Has anyone ever got the last treasure for the n64 version of trilogy (mk secrets)? I have been playing trilogy for psx for a few years but recently i got a n64 with trilogy, I was looking at stuff online and I found out that to get the treasure chest you have to press D+start on kano to unlock...
  7. DAVE101

    Complaint thread. What was bad about this game?????

    Just say what ever sucked or things that could have made it better.
  8. DAVE101

    MK Vengence (kontent in deadly alliance)

    Okay, so i was looking at some kontent in MKDA the other day and i saw like 5 concepts for the "deadly alliance cover" This suprised me because it didn't say Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, it said Mortal kombat vengence(or however you spell it). Can anyone shed some light?
  9. DAVE101

    NOOB/SMOKE is sub-boss?

    How come NOOB/SMOKE is before ONAGA everytime. Does that make him a sub-boss? Why him, why not... anybody else.
  10. DAVE101


    Scorpion will be making an apearance on Comedy Central's show Drawn Together! TONIGHT, wednesaday October 19, 2005. 10:30 p.m. (9:30 central) (This is for USA.) DON'T MISS IT!!!! He will be a choice for a new roomate! note: this is the deception version of Scorpion note: moderaters, feel free...
  11. DAVE101

    Versions on mk trilogy.

    I know 2 versions of trilogy well, Psx and N64. here are the biggest differences Psx: bosses pickable, male Chameleon N64: 3v3 kombat, female Khameleon Now i dont know which was released in the arcades, or if it is different from both of those. Does Anybody know?
  12. DAVE101

    Flying by the moon... in Goro's Lair...

    You guys might have noticed stuff flying by the moon in goro's lair. So far ive seen: Santa and his reigndeer Green Goblin Old space Invader guy (very old midway arcade game) Ofcourse it might just be the effects of this stuff i found in my dads sock droor :wink: . If you guys are seeing this...
  13. DAVE101

    Fight smoke in MKII??

    I am pretty sure you can fight smoke in MKII but i dont think i remember how. Or maybe it doesn't work on the version on MK:SM. I thought you press down+START when the guy pops out and says toasty, but all that happened was my game paused. :o So am i doing something wrong? if so, what? Or is...
  14. DAVE101

    Post your percent complete (if over 100)

    Ive noticed for a while that you can get over 100% kompletion. I think that for everytime you complete it (w/ a diff person) your total for the others go up. Post your highest so far. 110% (109.4 in start menu) 8)