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    Mortal kombat 2021 movie

    They should have included Kitana and had her played by Rosario Dawson.
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    What Grinds your Gears, part 2

    The ultimate thing tht grinds my gears. Dirty gits that wash their hands in the drinking fountain.
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    Mavel is being inspired by MK now

    The 2021 movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings. Not seen it yet but that's a combo of the Deadly Alliance's names, the 10 rings could be the Kamidogu. The main villain should totally be called Quan-Tsung.
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    Vote for Scorpion!

    Just takes you to the front page of Gamefaqs, not the actual pole. Why do you want Scorpion to win so badly though? Sora's a PMOY. Odd fight, Scorpion vs Sora but gotta go with Sora on this.