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  1. Fox17

    BattleField 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

    Which one are you buying?
  2. Fox17

    Smoke Unblockable (for AI) Harpoon??

    Ok, I found this out by myself, it worked everytime, was it a coincidence? maybe, but its weird so I dont think so. I think I found a way to decieve the AI, if you throw random harpoons, the AI will block it lots of times, but if you start to F+LP to the air like at least 5 times in a row and...
  3. Fox17

    UMK3 cyborgs' reference in MK9 Reptile?

    Watching at the selection screen icons I noted that Sektor/Cyrax/Smoke masks in UMK3 are very similar to MK9 Reptile's mask.(specially Smoke's for some reason) Look. What do you think? I dont think is a reference (ignore the title) but its very similar.
  4. Fox17

    PS Vita - Are you buying it?

    I think I will, I want to play some of the games, Im excited about Uncharted: Golden Abyss and I hope they realese MK9 for this console too. Prices ---------Wi-Fi----Wi-Fi+3G Euro------249------299 GBP------ 229------279 USD------ 249------299 Yen---- 24,980----29,980 Confirmed Games List...
  5. Fox17

    Score and Recommend movies

    I dont freaking now if there is a thread for this, but Im a movie fan and I like almost every crap I watch and I make this thread so we can score the movies we recently watched. This is what I watched in the last month. Score: 5 The trailers decieve you, it seemed to be an awesome...
  6. Fox17

    Fox17's Character Edits

    Hydro (I made this prior game realese, i always loved Hydro) Cyber Hydro (I made this after watching MKL's last ep.) I always loved Hydro, indeed my name here was going to be Hydro17 when i registered but I always was Fox17 everywhere so at the end I registered as Fox17, I regret about that...
  7. Fox17

    Pretty annoying thing with Kabal

    Well, I was playing the arcade ladder with Kabal, and next fight against CSZ in the Pit Bottom, so everytime I do a DB2 or a Throw it lags, yh OFFLINE LAG, wtf? So i said well it must be just a thing of the moment, so I restarted the match, the same, LAG, I turned off the console (PS3), remove...
  8. Fox17

    Smoke Hair Joke (Comic Style)

    First of all I dont own this, I just found it on google and I though I Should post it.
  9. Fox17

    Realese dates predictions

    Well I found an interesting pattern... All the DLC's and MK related downloadable stuff was and will be realesed on tuesdays, see this. MK9 Demo (for PSN+ users): Tuesday 8th March MK9 Demo (for PSN users): Tuesday 15th March Retro Pack: Tuesday 7th June Skarlet: Tuesday 21st June So now all...
  10. Fox17

    Rain Thread - "I am the Prince of Edenia"

    Rain ~I am the Prince of Edenia!~ Rain is a purple garbed ninja and prince of Edenia, who masters the power of water. General Information About Rain Ending [/spoiler] Multimedia X-Ray – Rain Check Fatality 1 – Bubble Burst Fatality 2 – Does it Sting Babality [/spoiler]...
  11. Fox17

    Who replaces Skarlet?

    This thread is maybe a bit silly but it would be cool to see what people thinks... When you fight as/against Kitana in Kahn's Colloseum he is replaced in the background by Tanya, but if you play with Skarlet (in the future when she is DLC) who do you think will replace her? Maybe Tanya too but...
  12. Fox17

    Official Thread - Downloadable Content

    Downloadable Content I think we need a thread for this, so people can see whats new about dlcs, ill update it with every new info that comes to us. Click the pics too see them in full size. Characters Skarlet Versus Pic Gemplay Trailer Vignette [/spoiler] Kenshi...
  13. Fox17

    Babalities on bosses, the real way

    Well everyone says u must perform a babality on every enemy in the ladder and not loosing a round to perform an automatic babality on goro/kintaro, well that way is not the real one. I recently played the ladder with Mileena to unlock her ending, without loosing a match, only 3 rounds, and i...
  14. Fox17

    Character threads /=/ Characters & Gameplay subforum

    Maybe this is not the right place but i didnt find a suggestions subforum, but wouldnt be better if the character threads are in a separate subforum? because its a bit annoying having all that sticky threads in the top when you want to read the other normal discussion threads, plus it would be...
  15. Fox17

    Start menu freezing

    Didnt happen me before, but since Today everytime I put the game (logged to PSN) it freezes in the start menu (the whole console) i dont understand why, i did it fine before, but now everytime i reach the start menu (in online and logged only) i press start and the loading icons stay there for...
  16. Fox17

    Mileena's Neck Stab

    A long time ago, in the demo, i saw that if you stab someone with a sai with Mileena (using B+2) and then perform a neckbite, Mileena wont bite the rival she will take the previously stabbed sai and stab the rival's neck repeatly, this is a cool touch i think, i know is not new but i want to...
  17. Fox17

    How much would pay for a DLC character? (for ex: Skarlet)

    How much would pay for a DLC character? (for ex: Skarlet)
  18. Fox17

    News Today!

    Boon twitted this: EDIT: NEWS Ed Boon's Twitter
  19. Fox17

    Do you care about Skarlet?

    Skarlet is coming soon, so do you care about her or not? do you like what we already saw? are you interested? do you think she is just another kitana/mileena copy? NOTE: Many people, like me, dont care about her but will buy her only to have a full game, they should vote "No", because the poll...
  20. Fox17

    Start menu question

    When im in the "Press start" menu (in PS3) and i press start the dragon logo appears at the bottom right corner of the screen and loads for like 10 seconds and then Scorpions punches Sub-Zero. Is this normal? it does it always, but in the demo it didnt do that, scorpion's punch was instantly (I...