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    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    Prince Adam Cringer Teela Man-At-Arms The Sorceress Orko Skeletor Page Layout & Style: Jade ©
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    MK 9 Online Ranking

    We have in these forums very good players like RAvEcREAToR, H0ru5, etc (in Europe)... and I thought it would be fun to have an international view about TRMK members in the global leaderboards. So I am going to create 2 lists (one for Europe & one for the US) summing up the rank of TRMK members...
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    Kintaro's and Goro's ...

    ... taunts aren't suitable in Goro's lair. In MKII Kintaro used to taunt his enemies in front of the crowd. And in return the crowd would cheer him. What's the purpose of taunting in Goro's lair...? It bothers me a bit to see Goro looking at a wall or his empty throne and taunt his enemy. I...
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    MK 9 Shao Kahn vs MK II / UMK 3 Shao Kahn

    When MK 9 Shao Kahn's render was released, most forum members didn't like it. After few weeks of gameplay, I wanted to know if the opinions changed. In my opinion, MK 9 Shao Kahn is few steps away from perfect, and even surpassing old UMK 3 Shan Kahn. Two things bother me: His voice and his...
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    Hardest/Cheapest final boss fight in a Video Game?

    This boss looks pretty cheap.
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    Bugs in the demo

    I was playing the demo this morning and something odd happened. a black line appeared linking scorpion's arm to the middle of the far left screen (check the screen below). At "A" & "B" the line was anchored and it was extending or being reduced depending on how scorpion was moving. It appeared...
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    Ed Boon Interview Discussion

    New interview by Ed Boon, Enjoy
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    Cellphone dilemma

    Hey guys & gals, I am planning on buying me a new cellular and I need your opinion about 2 devices I am interested in. I noticed that some people in this forum are expert in the technology field and can help, or if one of you has already one of the devices, you can simply state your opinion...
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    Discussing Raiden

    I thought to open a thread for Raiden's fans who wish to post ideas or just discuss about him since he is still hiding in the shadows. Not much has been said about him and we fans can express our feelings right here. I'll start with the way he enters the stage, I would like it to be like...
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    Rain confirmed?

    I just checked Ed's Twitter and saw those couple of lines, what do you think guys?
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    Choose your favorite/hottest Sonya Blade

    Due to the popularity of both actresses, I decided to post a poll, the fight between the two seems to be very tight !! My vote goes for Kerri of course
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    Demon Souls, heard of it?

    I am planning on acquiring it and I was wondering if someone have tested it and if it is worth it. Your help is much appreciated. I only know the game is meant for you to die really often because of the exagerated difficulty. Thanks
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    Question about the reputation system

    Hi everyone, There are few things I didn't get about the reputation system, if someone would explain please. I read the thread "Reputation as TRMKarma?" initiated by Patrick, and I find the MK 3 dragon and skull logo a great idea (there should be a raiden icon too lol). But I am unable to link...
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    Who would you like the ??? to be ?

    Remember that the ??? may have nothing to do with the shadowy portrait we saw. You can choose more than 1 character Since I only have 10 options, I choose to put characters we don't know if they'll be included or not (shang, johnny, etc.. we know they'll be included)
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    GameBlog video Interview with Boon

    I found an interesting interview (subtitled in french) on youtube I thought to share with the community (I didn't find it on the forum, I hope no one posted it before). It has only 2973 views but he confirms many things related to the gameplay: Check those points if you are lazy to watch it all...
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    Sub-Boss & Boss combinations

    Choose the combination you would like to see in MK 9 and comment. For me it would be: Goro - Kintaro - Shang Tsung - Shao Kahn Although I do like the centaurs, they are at war with the shokans and Shao Kahn should not have as bodyguards the shokan + centaurs. My preference goes for the Shokans.
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    Who deserves to be the last Boss in MK 9 ?

    UMK 3 style Shao Kahn with MK II voice acting for me