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  1. AriesSiren

    current unbalanced fighters/over/under powered

    after the patches, what fighters do you think need tweaking for balance? there is alot in my opinion that needs some serious tweaking Cyrax: still has infinite/trap reset, and just way overpowered, no xray 55-60% damage ermac-too powerful needs range shortened raiden- teleport needs to be more...
  2. AriesSiren

    best mk character with best back story, development/range

    yes we all know scorpion and sub are the stars, but they really arent that fleshed out story wise. its revenge and thats all. im talking about interesting and emotionally driven characters. who do you think is the most interesting fighter with great range, best story and depth, and no not...
  3. AriesSiren

    MK transitions from arcade to home memories

    I liked the N64 versions of trilogy and MK4. they were pretty good, better than psone versions. It was awesome to play them at home but like the former releases, they weren't arcade perfect. Always felt something was missing. then I got MK deadly alliance and it was for consoles only. I was in...
  4. AriesSiren

    how do you get out of the jump punch spam trap

    i know mk favors the aggressor, thats fine but people are abusing this move so much where you cant even move. some fighters can uppercut the overhead jumper, or get out, others cant. is there a move that works for all? i try uppercut, doesnt work, low kick, i still get jump punched from behind...
  5. AriesSiren

    Lack of female fighters/combo damage in MK is pretty sexist to me.

    i for one love the female cast of MK. but did you notice that there are very few? i think this is really sexist and the damage they do is weak compared to the males. Im stoked about skarlet but man theres only 7 girls i believe in the whole roster. this is bs. and the damage except for...
  6. AriesSiren

    HDTV PS3 upscaler to 1080p not recommended

    i noticed the game supports all resolutions on PS3. but after playing the 360 version, i noticed the ps3 version looked really washed out, blurry and less detailed. for everyone who has a 1080p tv, i tried it on 720p(de-selected 1080i/p) and the game looked MUCH better. textures were detailed...
  7. AriesSiren

    5.1 audio- in game set-up recommendations?

    hey guys I have a nice surround sound system, but the MK audio is bizarre cant quite figure a good setting. any recommendations? the fighters voices are so low. what is ambiance? cant notice what it does much. i have announcer at middle its so loud, music up, effects up, but it still seems...
  8. AriesSiren

    anyone disappointed by Mk? not as hardcore as i hoped, pretty spammy

    Alot of people begged for 2D. i didnt. but i for one loved MKdeception. it was pretty deep with 3 fighting styles and amazing production values. MK9 is kind of just OK, the soundtrack is the worst, the armory is the only music i like. the fighters are really tiny, and the stages/sound effects...
  9. AriesSiren

    My own personal review, been playing since i was 15 and web reviews aren;t cutting it

    I really have to give it to Ed Boon and Wb. This is the BEST MK iteration in a long time. I personally loved MK Deception and didn't see the big deal with going 3D. Soul Cal did it perfectly. The game has SO much kontent, especially the PS3 version. Even some awesome trailers I have never...
  10. AriesSiren

    Lag Central

    OMG i know its been crazy but the lag in MK 2011 is unforgivable. I dont know whats going on but to those i declined, its just the developers being lazy. feel free 2 add me NetherRealm77 on 360 or AriesSiren on psn/hotmail again its not u its the servers
  11. AriesSiren

    Im in the official MK9 Vegas bally's tournament hope to see some of you there.

    hey guys and girls, was wondering whos going?! I just enrolled, very excited. its 30 bucks to register and you have to have a place to stay. got a room at stratosphere for 90 bucks. Very excited and very nervous. I won an MK2 tournament with Mileena in so cal years ago but that was nothing...
  12. AriesSiren

    tournament edition selling out everywhere, is out, gamestop and amazon are sold out. but best buy still has them. just ordered one for ps3, the stick is Really needed after my demo experience. you can have it shipped to your nearest store, so no shipping fees!!! hope this helps. the sale is out. havent tried wal mart, but...
  13. AriesSiren

    My impressions on the amazing Mk demo. not what i expected, in a good way

    wow, it really is amazing, the pit fatality is kinda blah, but the fatalities look great in HD. the game doesn't play, in my opinion, like mk2 but more like mk3. the biggest YAY!!! for me was removing that aweful spamming jump punch pop up from MK vs DC that was annoying. the one where you...
  14. AriesSiren

    who have become your 5 favorite new fighters in the series/excluding sub n scorp?

    i really like playing the odd choice of fighters, after fighting sub n scorp SOOO many times(boring) its refreshing to fight that person who uses the obscure fighter no one else uses. Rain Sareena Tanya Hotaru Frost For MK 2011 i know first day im going to be using Sindel religiously:hail:
  15. AriesSiren

    MK is the only fighter where i actually like all the fighters.

    i love mk, i grew up playing it in arcades, yes im old lol. but with other fighters i only play the female fighters. but in MK i love almost everyone. Rain and Hotaru being one of my fave male fighters. With the new mk, it seems to be very diverse and with the recent Sindel addition, i am...