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    Killer Instinct announced for XBOX ONE!!!!!

    Did anyone see the "cinder leak" not sure if it was real but I hope it's true for season two
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    Killer Instinct announced for XBOX ONE!!!!!

    Orchid had people playing with their jimmies over trans since these days I see they stuck to the script.
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    TRMK's Thursday Night Injustice Survivor

    360 score from tonight's koth
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    Killer Instinct announced for XBOX ONE!!!!!

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    Is This Braniac?

    I don't see what you saw.
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    TRMK Suggestion Box

    Pat here is another screen that has the error
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    Which edition should i buy?

    Did you click on that link??? :rofl: Here let me help you: The statue and steel book is also mentioned in the product summary.
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    New Wonder Woman Movie

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    Bayonetta 2 Wii U

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    Cronus Cross-Over Gaming Adapter

    Cronus allows you to use your favorite controller on practically any console you want. Use a PS3 controller on Xbox 360. Use a Xbox 360 controller on a PS3. Even use a Wii-mote on your Xbox! Compatible with PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Features include: •Xbox 360 controller on PS3 •PS3 controller...
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    Official Next Gen Console Thread

    Report: PS4 announcement coming in February Sony to 'show off pre-release hardware ahead of an expected 2014 launch' A Sony press conference scheduled for February 25th could be the launch platform for PS4...
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    Create a Fatality

    I'm no artist on paint but here is my Rain idea.
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    WHB: The Pair Play Project (Fairfax, VA) MK9, DOA5, TTT2

    WHB: The Pair Play Project - Saturday 8 December 2012 Tournament will be streamed by NOVADOJO Games Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Singles Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Doubles Dead or Alive 5 Singles Dead or Alive 5 Doubles Mortal Kombat 9 Singles Mortal Kombat 9 Doubles...
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    Mk 9 toasty boost

    The Complete Toasty Boost List! •Baraka -- U,U,D,3 •CyberSub -- D,D,D,1 •Cyrax -- U,U,D,1 •Ermac -- U,U,D,2 •Freddy -- D,B,D,3 •Jade -- D,B,D,3 •Jax -- D,D,D,4 •Johnny Cage -- D,D,U,1 •Kabal -- D,D,U,2 •Kano -- F,F,B,3 •Kenshi -- F,B,D,3 •Kitana -- F,F,B.4 •Kratos -- B,B,D,2 •Kung Lao --...
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    This is me during one of my tours overseas.
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    Injustice moves list

    I did not see a thread for this so here it is -- you might need it if there is a demo near you. Cyborg and Solomon Grundy Superman and Wonder Woman Flash and Batman Nightwing and Batman Solomon Grundy and Harley Quinn Green Arrow Thank you Aris aka Mr. Riddler from Russia for your...
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    NEW Injustice DLC Announced

    Went to look to see if amazon had a DLC and guess what I found.Hmmm
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    When I was growing up I loved/hated

    Read the title ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Go! This is still my $#!t!