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  1. *Karma Saibot-

    Funny MK Pictures Thread

    Hey y'all I thought It be funny to post some funny MK pictures! If a thread similar to this has been made I apologize! xD This is just for the LOL's :aetsch: Let's have some laughs and share em!
  2. *Karma Saibot-

    Who Here Still Likes Listening To Bone Thugs N Harmony?

    Man I remember I was a big fan back in the day... I even joined a few btnh forums! like btnhboard and stuff. Man, good ole days lol.. So my question is do you still listen to them? or have you ever heard of them? or anything? share..kthnx :top:
  3. *Karma Saibot-

    Ghostly Tales

    Do you have any scary encounters, or expierences? I would love to hear about em! I once lived supposedly in a haunted home, I was in the 3rd grade, and boy I was scared shixless to even go to the bathroom by myself. So I'd have my older brother stay by the door and guard it lol. But at night...