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  1. xkSongblindedxk

    Gears of War: Judgment

    Cover art for Gears of War, it looks kind of cool.
  2. xkSongblindedxk

    Last thing you purchased

    only thing I had today, I'm wanting to get another one later on.
  3. xkSongblindedxk

    Let's talk Cosplay.

    Killer Instinct: Peter vs the Chicken:
  4. xkSongblindedxk

    Cars - Post your favorites!

    the Knight rider:
  5. xkSongblindedxk

    This is such a load of shit and very very cheap..

    damn is that scene with Sindel hard to watch, She's really killing everyone. Motaro found dead in storymode is sh*t to:
  6. xkSongblindedxk

    Underrated Games

  7. xkSongblindedxk

    Valve Console?

    photo of the Valve console (don't know if it is really):
  8. xkSongblindedxk

    Fan Art better than official

    ^ those pics are cool
  9. xkSongblindedxk

    What game are you playing right now?

    Code: Veronica isn't easy to beat with that Battle game being there
  10. xkSongblindedxk

    Space Jam

    the Monstars were an allright team
  11. xkSongblindedxk

    What are you watching right now?

    Zombieland on FX