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  1. n9195v

    Human Sektor Tutorial Video

    I plan on making a human Sektor video tutorial. What should I include in the video? This is what I have so far I plan on talking about and showing all of this. Explaining when to incorporate certain moves and gimmicks. I have no idea how to structure my video so I'm asking for some...
  2. n9195v

    New Tier List / MU Chart

    BillStickers at is making a new tier list / MU chart! See his thread here The tier list is being improved by feedback in the original thread. This is the seventh version of the tier list. Also this thread...
  3. n9195v

    Scariest Horror Films?

    I love horror movies and I'm always looking for good / fun ones to enjoy. I watch horror films all the time but I seldom see ones that genuinely scare me. I'm a sucker for "jump scares" so when I say scary I'm talking about being scared not just flinching. So please list movies that "got to you"...
  4. n9195v

    Injustice Video Thread

    Injustice: Gods Among Us Video Thread
  5. n9195v

    The Perfect Review?

    Hey I want to start reviewing movies on tumbler or some other blogging esque site. I need your help. I'm open to suggestions. I would appreciate any advice or opinions. So I have a few questions. ~What is the perfect review? ~What do you guys hope for when you search for reviews? ~Do...
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    FEZ is a 2D platformer set in a 3D world. The world is 3D, but you always play from 2D perspectives. Each 3D world has 4 Sides. You can freely “rotate” your point of view in 90° increments between these 2D perspectives. This way, you will be able to navigate complex 3D environments, solve...
  7. n9195v

    Gems in SF X TK

    There has been a lot of opinions about the Gems in Capcoms upcoming title Street Fighter X Tekken. So I decide to make a poll/discussion thread about the Gems. Please watch this video if you do not know a lot about the Gem system.
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    Overview Skullgirls is a fast-paced, 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs and lead by tournament champ Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and artist Alex “o_8” Ahad. Drawing on the best features the genre has to offer, Skullgirls is designed to be a tournament-grade fighter while remaining...
  9. n9195v

    Cross Assault

    CROSS ASSAULT (“Program”) is the first-ever week-long Internet-based reality show produced by Capcom U.S.A., Inc. (“Capcom” or “Producer”) pitting two teams against each other competing on Capcom’s premier fighting game, STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. Under the leadership of two legendary players from...
  10. n9195v

    MK9 glitch thread

    A clear thread about the still existing mk9 glitches and exploits a.k.a things that shouldn't be in the game. I may be missing some so please feel free to add to the list. Jax ~ corner 100% reset, random advantage on his forward4 1 3 string. Can't find a video for the random advantage...
  11. n9195v

    Stop Online Piracy Act (Scary Facts)

    Stop Online Piracy Act (Scary Facts)
  12. n9195v

    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Check out the show here, at any of these fine locations! ~Netflix instant play! ~24 hour mst3k stream! ~Hulu! ~Youtube! In the not too distant future, a man and his robots are trapped on the Satellite of love, where evil scientists force...
  13. n9195v

    Input Bug

    This bug is real and game breaking. We should all try to get this fixed because this is the stuff that gets MK laughed at in high level play. I'm sure some of you have experienced this bug, maybe without even realizing it. This is a glitch! It should have been fixed already! We need to...
  14. n9195v

    Other Forums ?

    I was just wonder what other forums you guys visit on a regular basis .
  15. n9195v

    The Binding of Isaac

    BUY NOW FOR ONLY $5 ! The Binding of Isaac is a steam game that's out! I would try to paraphrase but I suck at it so I'm going to use a interview of the games creator to explain the game to you.Click this to read the whole interview of Edmund McMillen that was conducted by BitMob. Edmund...
  16. n9195v

    24 Hour Live Stream of MK9

    Oniclan over at JustinTV is doing a 24 hour stream of Mortal Kombat 2011 ! ~Come support your fellow MK fans by fighting them in front of a live audience ! ~The stream is of the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat 2011. ~Yes it is taking place in an OPEN King...
  17. n9195v

    online MK2 on pc anyone?

    hey if anyone wants to play Mortal Kombat 2 online on your computer against me please send me a message. If you want to play but don't know how i'll show you how =P just message me. if we can get enough people to fight I may stream it.
  18. n9195v

    mk2 live stream !

    mysticwarriormj is doing a live stream of mk2 come watch and enjoy never mind there not playing mk2 anymore sorry
  19. n9195v

    Chan-wook Park anyone?

    Chan-wook Park is probably my favorite director working today. all of his films seem to be borderline perfect! My personal favorite film he's done would have to be Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, but please don't watch or read anything about the movie before viewing, its better that way. I even...
  20. n9195v

    I Want Kombat mk shirt

    heres a link for the shirt you can only get this on 8/3/2011 for $10