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    Opinions on kids on Xbox Live/PSN

    What are your opinions on kids that go on Xbox or PSN usually they are annoying, but I have only encountered mean ones on Xbox. Debate.
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    Cats or dogs!

    Thread name says it all! So cats or dogs or both!
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    Am I the only one who's not excited for MKAK?

    I mean I already think MK9 is a lot better then the Previous MK games.But that's just me! What are your guys opinions? Jinko you may shut this down and redirect me if needed!
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    When you play the subway area in the background they have commercials and such witch is sorta cool! Like "Warriors way" has anyone else seen these? Sorry if there's already a thread about this! You may shut this down if so!
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    Region lock?

    So me and my friend from the UK were gonna play Mortal Kombat on ps3 and when we get on there at first it wouldn't it us invite each other then we tryed making a room and we couldn't find each others room,so we gave up then..but really a region lock who else wants it removed?
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    Both of shang thsung fatality descriptions! Clown fatality is real!

    Soo im watching a live stream and he did both of shang tshungs fatalitys!! 1. He transforms into a clown and pulls out a gun and blows their head off! its called BANG BANG! 2. he gos into the opponents body and their eyes turn green and he slowly rips their head off! Its call identity theft!:)
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    Most painfull move in mk9 that would hurt the most in reallife!

    Reptiles X ray move sucka!
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    Best looking girl in mk9!

    Which girl in Mortal Kombat 9 looks the best! Gooooooo. :p
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    Most gruesome fatality you"ve seen in mk9!

    I have to say mileenas fatality is violent and reptiles fatality puking in your mouth then pulling out your stomach!:congrats::congrats: to you reptile
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    Whats your favorite xray move?

    My favorite xray move is strykers! Police baton slap!