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  1. _Unknown_

    WIP: Created character edit (or at least trying)

    IDK if to call it art, Fail, or Art of Fail. Anyway I'm trying to make my Custom Character (Unknown) that I posted in the fiction section, I still need to add a coat of some sort and a hood :(. It's comming out rather bad so far -_-
  2. _Unknown_

    Lone Wolf - Evil in its wildest form.

    Lone Wolf - Evil in its wildest form. Half werewolf, half human. A side effect caused by Nightwolf's animality. Code Name/Nick name: Lone Wolf Realm: Outworld Alligment: Evil Fighting Style/ Discipline: Wild style based mostly on lycanthrope like attacks. Allies: None Enemy: Has a burning...
  3. _Unknown_

    Ideea about Ladder endings

    I like the Ladder arcade and the endings. But I don't really get the Shao Kahn exploding. I think they should have like a cutscene fatality for each character instead of that explosion after beeing defeated. Tell me what you think? (searched for a topic about this and I didn't find one so I...
  4. _Unknown_

    Shadow: "You don’t need powers to master the techniques of stealth"

    SHADOW A veteran black skinned ninja that was part of the Lin Kuei before the Automation Initiative began. Code Name/Nick name: Shadow Quotes: "You don’t need powers to master the techniques of stealth" Realm: Earth-realm Allignment: Good Fighting Style/ Discipline: A master in the Lin Kuei...
  5. _Unknown_

    Sprite: Custom Cyber Sub-Zero; the return of KORE

    Nice, the other fake CSZ model is epic also. I know some people on a forum that do micro edits, IDK how to explain that better than posting a link: (googled the image, credit to whoever created it) (its basicly using premade models and editing them or draw them yourself to make...
  6. _Unknown_

    My new SIG

    Well I tried lots of things with it but some failed. Finally I tried to make a frozen text and the effect failed. Here you go the result. So I scrapped that and added simple text style effect to fit the sig. (the spin rip fatality pic was supposed to look frozen inside the ice, it kinda failed...
  7. _Unknown_

    Kung Lao, 2nd Costume ideea (SPOILERS)

    I'll put this in Spoilers since it reveals the ending of kung lao.
  8. _Unknown_

    Silver Creations: GFX Showcase (SIG/PIC/AVATAR)

    Hey. I used to enjoy making signatures and picture edits and stuff. I don't really have the time to do it as much as I'd like right now so I'm kinda rusty. I'm planning on making some MK9 GFX soon but for now here you have some samples of my work. (I mostly make game/movie based gfx) But let's...
  9. _Unknown_

    Unknown: "The Gods can't save everybody, some have to fight!"

    UNKNOWN A shadow assassin that escaped the Lin Kuei’s Cyber Initiative. Code Name/Nick name: Unknown Quotes: "The Gods can't save everybody, some have to fight!", "Fear is a luxury." Realm: Earth-realm Alignment: Neutral Fighting Style/ Discipline: Alternative version of the Lin Kuei style...