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  1. Ricochetmatt

    Action Figures and Other Toys

    I'm a huge collector of figures and statues. I have so many I actually ran out of room. lol But I keep on buying them when I can regardless. Just a few of my things:
  2. Ricochetmatt

    MKX Video Analyzing/Speculating

    I think this thread needs to die. It has fallen into madness. I want every last poster's head on a spike!
  3. Ricochetmatt

    New Characters for MK10

    Smoke is definitely more gray than white. But his early appearances in the series was a very light shade of gray.
  4. Ricochetmatt

    Some new stuff by me

    I've recently jumped back into learning how to draw and such. My boyfriend has been helping me along and so I decided to tackle Mortal Kombat once more. I only have a few to show off right now, but I am working on others. This was one I did back in the "Gender Swap" contest on Deviant art...
  5. Ricochetmatt

    Ricochetmatt's Crap

    I guess I'll start a thread with some of my *~Art~* in it. I don't have much to share right now... But eh, I'll put up more later. This is a quick sketch I did of Johnny Cage. Johnny Cage -Exposed- Here is a quick sketch I did for Kitana based on Outworld Goddess' design: Originally I...
  6. Ricochetmatt


    This isn't really what I would consider "art" but I thought I'd show off a Chameleon design I put together. To expand on this - How would you want Chameleon to look in a future MK game (if they were to bring him back)? What kind of moves/specials should he have? Back story?
  7. Ricochetmatt

    Hmmm... What is your deal Mr. Chi?

    So I just sat through the Dead Pool video again and thought, hey... That voice sounds like someone I know. Well I was wrong. I don't know the man. But I recognize the voice. It's Quan Chi's voice actor. Has anyone noticed this? Also, it's sounds slightly... cybernetic. Do you think this is...
  8. Ricochetmatt

    Mortal Kombat Forum Game

    Hey everyone. Thought I'd try out a Mortal Kombat themed forum game. It's not that in-depth or anything, but it's something that can possibly be expanded on. Here's how to play: -A Mortal Kombat karacter roster will be posted. The spaces will be blocked by a black box with a question mark...
  9. Ricochetmatt

    Fan Made Mortal Kombat Games

    You guys have heard about the different fan made games, right? Some of them are pretty good and others not so much. My question is... Does anyone know what they use to make these? Do they require an extreme amount of skill to produce? I'd love to make one but I haven't the faintest idea as...