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  1. Sal8a

    MK Theme Cover

    ..with an accordion Just Thought i would share it with you guys.. i thought it was pretty boss :P
  2. Sal8a

    The Fall album by Gorillaz

    Hello guys. Just a quick simple question is The Fall album by Gorillaz new? Wondering cuz i have a a Gorillaz station on Pandora and well these new songs popped up by them that i havent heard before.. is it new or just really old?
  3. Sal8a

    PSN Problem

    is anyone able to log into to PSN? every time i try i get an error message.. im pretty sure im not the only one because my friend is having the issue
  4. Sal8a

    sigh... sadface

    There is 3 gamestops where i live and i pre-ordered at the wrong one.. what i mean by this is the one that i pre-ordered at is the only one not having the midnight launch..sighhh